A little bit of french

The children wanted to watch a DVD so we went through the obligatory “You have to tidy up first” rigmarole.

Back and forth they ran, not putting much away but returning to tell us the job was done.  We would send them back to try again.

This went on for a while.

Eventually Paddy ran into the kitchen.

“Cait, come here!” he said, as he led Caitlin into the living room.

“Close your eyes,” he told her.

So she closed her eyes.

“Open them,” he said and as she did so he leapt up with a big smile and cried out, “Au Revoir!  It’s tidy!”

“Au revoir?”  Caitlin asked him, puzzled.

He nodded, still smiling broadly.

“Ah!” she laughed as she realised.

“I think you meant, “Voila”


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