A unique name for happiness

Every now and then along comes someone with a happy name.

We’ve had “Yahoo” Serious (anyone remember him?!).

We’ve had “Whoopi” Goldberg.

Now we present to you…

Yippee Sullivan sometimes  found it hard to live up to her name.

… “Yippee” Sullivan!

How is that for a unique name?

But you know we prefer traditional names.

So, “Yippee” Sullivan… how?

You might think we’ve taken leave of our senses and decided to follow the path of the parents who named their child “Tallulah Does The Hula From Hawaii”.

Or you might think I am still wishing that I went with my original choice of baby names.

Or you might think we just don’t like our daughter and gave her a name she’ll be desperate to change by deed poll as soon as she’s able.

Or of course, it could just be where the younger children can’t pronounce the name “Libby” properly.


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