"Free Skinny Me!" – Week 2

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I debated not bothering with this weeks “Free Skinny Me” update this morning.  I had prepared myself for a gain.  What I hadn’t prepared myself for was how much of a gain I have had.

I have no excuse.  It is all my fault.  It turns out Haagen Dazs isn’t fat free.  Neither is hot chocolate with whipped cream.  Who’d have thought it, eh?  Would any of you like to make a note of that for future reference?

Not only did I overeat the non-healthy stuff, I also failed to track anything at all.  This annoys me now because:

1) I am fatter than I was


2) I am paying for something I am not using properly.

Lb’s and £’s.

Except I’m losing the £’s and gaining the Lb’s when it really ought to be the other way around.

I logged onto the Weight Watchers tracker this morning to note my weight with a new determination to track and count every, single thing that jumps into my greedy mouth, when a message flashed up on the screen.  It stated something along the lines of Weight Watchers constantly doing their scientific studies and they have now realised that they can change the daily points allowance from the 29 point minimum to 28, 27 or even 26 points.  They said my daily points may have changed.

They did.

To 26.  

I immediately felt vindicated and promptly forgot my piggerish sessions with the ice cream tub and the lack of self control I possessed for the last week and blamed Weight Watchers for giving me the wrong points allowance.

Yes, it’s all their fault. 

So now I have laid the blame firmly on their doorstep I can wipe the slate clean and start afresh.  Bigger, fatter, wobblier and kicking myself firmly for ending up heavier than I started and it’s all my own Weight Watchers’ fault.

I hope those of you joining the “Free Skinny Me” quest with me have had a better week.

Here is the damage in all its glory:

Week 2’s result: Gained 4lbs

Current weight: 12st 10½lbs (178½lbs)

Mini goal:  To lose 19lbs by week 18

Goal weight:  8st 11lbs (123lbs)

Total to lose:  55½lbs

Total  lost to date: 0lbs  – gained 4lbs instead.

If you are trying to lose weight too why not join the quest to “Free Skinny Me!”?  You don’t need to be following Weight Watchers to do so and your weigh in day doesn’t have to be a Monday.  Just grab the button at the top of this post or in the right sidebar of this blog (the code to copy and paste on your blog is in the text box under the button) and put it on your blog, then come back each Monday to report each week’s weigh in result.  You can also write a post on your own blog and leave a link back to it in the comments below so we can visit and leave a message of encouragement or support.  You can choose how much or little info to disclose.

You can follow my quest to “Free Skinny Me!” by subscribing to a full feed in your reader.  You can also chat with me throughout the week on Twitter  (click here or search for the handle “@largerfamily” and let me know if you are doing the quest so I can follow you back) and become a Facebook friend too.   Don’t forget that we now have our very own Healthy Living board in our new LFL Family Forums.


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4 thoughts on “"Free Skinny Me!" – Week 2

  1. 🙁 you did really well last week. At least it's only Week 2 and you can just pretend that last week never happened and start afresh.

    I tend to use the WW app on my phone (although I still manage to forget to log my food!!).

    Hope the next week goes better for you!! Will pop back Weds with my results xx

  2. I didn't "weigh in" last week, sorry. This weeks numbers:
    I started at 270 lbs.
    Last week I weighed 268 lbs.
    This morning I weighed 269.
    So I lost 2 lbs, then gained 1 lb back. I guess we're in the same boat!
    My mini goal is to lose 15 lbs by Christmas, which leaves me 14 lbs to go in 5 weeks. Yeah, that's not going to happen! So I'm changing it to: 15 lbs lost by my anniversary, March 2 (12 years!!).
    Total weight to lose: 69 lbs.

  3. Jennifer: next week will totally be our week… just you wait!

    Rachel: Well done! Keep it going and you'll be at goal before you know it!

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