Top 5 special things about multiples

Last week Karen at Tales of a Twin Mum wrote a post titled, “Top five special things about multiples” which was inspired, she says, by the post I wrote a couple of weeks ago about how we were wrong to celebrate our twins’ arrival.  Her twin boys celebrated their second birthdays last week and she has come up with a list of positives in response to the article’s opinion that twins are double the burden.

I don’t normally participate in memes but I thought this would be a fun piece to write to celebrate the twins’ four week birthday today.  Then again, you have to bear in mind that I have only been a twin mum for four weeks so a lot of the things that mum’s with older twins would cherish I have yet to experience and appreciate.

So with my limited experience as a multiple mum I bring you my very own “Top 5 special things about multiples”:

1)  While I was pregnant an online friend who had two sets of twins herself (a boy/girl set then two boys) wrote to me and told me how seeing them together would bring a whole load of “Awww!” moments.  She wasn’t wrong.  Already we have had more “Awww!” moments than we ever dreamed possible.

2) I am in awe that God created two perfect, tiny little people and that they grew in me.  I still find it hard to realise that the big belly bump was housing these precious babies.  It’s a miracle to have a baby.  It’s such a privilege to have been doubly blessed.

3) Even though they are only four weeks old we have noticed that they already seem to know each other and take comfort in each other’s presence.  When placed close together it seems they’ve missed each other and like to be nearby and snug together and they seem calmer.  To know they will always have one another is so heart warming.

4) Sibling jealousy in this house only goes as far as to whose turn it is to feed/hold/hug/kiss a new baby.  With twins there are more of the feeding/holding/hugging/kissing opportunities and the arguments are fewer and further between.  Yes, like I said, there are more of the feeding/holding/hugging/kissing opportunities.  Full stop.

5) I love it when I am cuddling up with both babies at the same time and all three of us are snuggled safe and warm.  I watch them together as they look intently at one another and then at me, then their sleepy eyes drift and I kiss their soft downy heads and I savour the moment.  I will only be able to do this for such a short time and I want to treasure every, single second of it.

I thought I would be hard pressed to think of my top five things but you know, I could have gone on.  And on and on and on.  I look forward to this list getting longer over the years but first thing is first – number five on the list is calling.

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