Ric Rac Rose Baby Headband

The nice thing about having two little daughters after a run of six sons is re-discovering all the pink, girlie stuff available.  No matter how nice some boys clothes might be, it will never be the same as dressing up a girl.  Bear in mind that our two older daughters are 17 and 12 now and we had not one stitch of pink clothing in the house.  We are going to be starting from completely from scratch with the twins’ wardrobe.  I’m grateful that Mothercare had a good offer running the last couple of weeks as we’ve been able to get a start on getting some pretty outfits in.

Of course, once you have the outfits you have to think about accessories.  You know, like hair accessories…

Pretty headbands to go with the pretty dresses…

How about some pretty little roses?  

Pretty little roses made from… ric rac, would you believe?
I’ll show you how.
Take two 15″ lengths of ric rac…
… and entwine them like so… (isn’t entwine such a lovely word?)

Roll in one end and secure with a dot of hot glue.  Start rolling the ric rac around the centre securing with hot glue as you go…
Keep going around and around, sticking as you go, bringing the ric rac everso slightly higher as you work your way out…
…until eventually you end up with a pretty little rose.  As you reach the end of the ric rac bring it around to the back of the flower and stick it down using the hot glue gun.

For the headbands take a strip of fold over elastic measuring approximately 12″ for a newborn or 15″ for a 6 month old.  Sew the ends together then hot glue your rose to the band.  You can also glue these roses onto hair clips if you like.  You can make smaller or larger roses depending on the length of your ric rac.  Do experiment and see what designs you come up with.   Please let me know if you try making these and do link to your creations below.  I’d love to see what you come up with!

Hopefully next week I’ll have a tutorial ready for another design I’ve been playing with.


Such fun!


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