I’ll rescue you yet, Skinny Me!

Anna and Libby – 18 days old

The twins are almost three weeks old already. Three weeks! Can you believe how quickly that has gone?  This means that it’s time for me to be thinking seriously about getting back into trying to lose the couple of excess pounds I’ve gained.  Once I’ve lost the couple (can you believe I just typed “losed”?) of excess pounds, I’ll then need to focus on losing their friends and family who have joined them in abundance on my hips, thighs, face.  In fact they are squatting on every part of my otherwise lithe and lean body.

First thing will be first.  Weighing myself.  Then I’ll need to shop accordingly.  No more ice cream splurges for me.


Exercise is out of the question for a while longer, thanks to the surgery but there is no excuse that I can drag out any longer that is preventing me from getting back on the diet wagon.

Then I need to sign back up with Weight Watchers Online and re-familiarise myself with everything.

Finally, I need a catchy title for the weekly update posts.  The jury is out on that at the moment.  I’ll need a brainstorming session.  Then I’ll probably just settle for anything.

Right, I’ve just returned from weighing myself and the starting weight is…

12st 8lbs (that’s 176lbs).

It’s not actually that bad to be starting off with when I compare it to my starting weight last year after the birth of Joseph when I weighed in at 13st 1lb so I’m half a stone lighter already than I was then.  Not bad!

My goal once again is 8st 11lbs.

By week 17 and 18 of my last “Skinny Me” quest I had lost a total of 1st 5lbs (19lbs) and got down to 11st 10lbs (164lbs) although unbeknown to you at this point I was already pregnant again (and unbeknown to me, it was twins) which explained the weight increase of the couple of weeks previously.  I might use that as a benchmark for a mini goal.

So who is with me?  Anyone?  Anyone want to join me?  It’ll be fun!  We can update here weekly, we can motivate each other, we can celebrate all the way to the Land of the Skinny People!  Have I convinced anybody yet?  Umm oka-ay… I’ll just wait…. here.  Let me know when you’re ready.

Here are my stats to kick things off:

Starting Weight:  12st 8lbs (176lbs)

Mini Goal:  To lose 19lbs by week 18

Goal weight:  8st 11lbs (123lbs)

Total to lose:  53lbs

Can I lose it?

Yes, I can!


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19 thoughts on “I’ll rescue you yet, Skinny Me!

  1. GOOOO YOU!!!!!!

    With a bit of luck those first few pounds will slide off as excess pregnancy water weight or something 🙂

  2. Fully support your goal Tania, but isn't 3 weeks post partum a little early to be seriously considering dieting? Don't know if you're breast feeding or not, and of course I'm completely encouraging healthy and sensible eating and not too much ice cream, but you could cut yourself a little slack.

    But yes, am always keen for a weekly weigh-in to keep me on the straight and narrow.

    Current weight: 193lbs (13st 11lbs) (I am 5'10" so it's not quite as bad as it sounds, honest :-))

    Mini goal: to be 180lbs (12st 12lbs) by Christmas

    End goal: to get to 168lbs (12st) and 24% body fat which is a healthy BF % for a fit woman.

    Somehow doing it all in kilos sounds so much better!!!!

  3. I've been cutting myself slack for the last nine months so I really need to get myself disciplined again!

  4. Good Luck Tania! I have pit off losing my baby weight but need to do it now she's nearly 13mths old. I'm still carrying my pregnancy weight from my eldest, who is now 6. 🙁

  5. Oh go on then! I need some motivation!!

    Here's my vitals!

    Current Weight: 12st 2lbs (170lbs) Eeek!! I'm just under 5ft 4inch tall so I am overweight for my frame.

    Mini Goal: To lose 21lbs (1st 7lbs) by Christmas – just under 7wks time!!!

    Goal Weight: 8st 7lbs (119lbs)

    Total to Lose: 3st 9lbs (51lbs)

  6. I'm only 5'4 myself – we have pretty much the same amount to lose (well ok, you have less than me!). Glad you're joining in!

  7. love weight watchers, take some time to enjoy your beautiful babies before you get too caught up in weight loss xx

  8. Hi,
    This is great!! I have lost my preggo weight but that put me to where I still had wanted some more off. I am 135 and just under 5'5. My goal is 120. I know it is just 15 but that can be the hardest 15!! BTW I was 206lbs 2 years ago. So this journey has come a LONG way! I need support for this last stubborn 15.ugh!! My goal is to lose it by spring. I have nine children the youngest being 5 months old. I use WW when I am actually being "good" love that program. They changed it up though and I have kind of lost interest.

  9. Tami, you've done so well! You must be so pleased with yourself. It's true, it's always the last stone or so that's hardest to shift. I had a little difficulty too when Weight Watchers changed to ProPoints as I was so used to the old programme. I took a couple of weeks break and made a point of "forgetting" everything I'd learned with the old way. It made it easier to get used to the new way then.

  10. I am in! I need to lose some weight from my most recent baby (she's 10 months) and of course, all the stuff from the kids before that, back to when I had my first, just 14 years ago…

    Honestly, I'm embarrassed by my stats, so I'll keep them to myself. Just say that I'm 5'4" and far too big for comfort. My mini goal is just 40 lbs down. My ultimate goal is much larger.

  11. I'll join in! I'm going to start a Zumba class soon on Sat., with "walk away the pounds" during the week (at least, that's the intent!), so I need some company.

    My stats:
    weight: 270lbs (19st 3lbs (I think??))
    height: 5' 8", large boned
    mini goal: 15 lbs by Christmas
    ultimate: lose 70 lbs (I have a large frame, so 200 lbs is fine with me) before I get pregnant again

    My youngest is 3 mths, so it's time. My eldest is 10.5, so it's waaaaay past time!

  12. We're doing well! We'll all be highly motivated and super slim soon enough, just wait and see!

  13. I'm with you!
    I'm a Slimming World girl, its so much easier than WW for me and I've lost 18lbs in 8 weeks. I want to get to 11 stone (I'm 5ft 10 so that's ok) and my mini goal is 2st off by Christmas….. 10lb to go!

    My start weight was 16st 9 and I'm now 15st 5 and my wi day is a Wednesday (tomorrow eeek!)

  14. I would like to join you guys.
    I am 5"6 and weigh 12 7lbs !
    I will be 30 next august which is 9 months away and would love to be 10 stone, so thats 2 and a half stone in 9 months!
    Good luck everyone 🙂

  15. Would love to join in with you guys!! Started WW a while back and lost a stone (14Ibs) but haven't been for about 5 weeks!! Weigh in is on Tuesday so will pop back and update stats then! Roughly about 12st8 and 5ft3 =)

    New to posting and things though so may get lost! Good luck ladies! X

  16. Started well this morning ladies!! Had a brunch bar for brekkie – slim a soup at work and spag bol for tea – 3 balanced-ish meals hehe x

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