Some Christmas help

The weather has finally turned. Only three weeks ago I was huffing and puffing my way around Leeds Castle’s grounds, heavily pregnant and keen to keep on walking as much as possible to hopefully get the contractions into some kind of regularity. The sun was shining, it was warm and nothing like any October I ever remember.

Now it’s raining. It’s dull, it’s colder and it’s just downright miserable looking. And that signals that Christmas is right around the corner and it reminds me that presents still need to be bought.

One of many catalogues that landed on my doorstep was one from The Handpicked Collection.  The only problem was that while looking through it with the intention of finding gifts for other people, I ended up with a list of wants for myself.

First off on my newly created list was this Baby Print Canvas, ideal for keeping an everlasting memento of the twins’ tiny hands and feet before they get big and smelly.  Because they will.

Next on my list was this Family Cornice Photo Frame because I absolutely love photos and want more of them on the walls.  Lots more of them.

Then I saw this Heart Shaped Card Holder and noted it as a necessity.  Given that there is some kind of celebration almost every month I get tired of cards being put on the mantle, then knocked off onto the floor and left there until someone else (a.k.a Me) picks them up, puts them back on the mantle only for the whole thing to be repeated all over again.

But what really did it for me was the retro toys!  I love all things retro but it has to be the toys that get to me most of all because I can so remember playing with them!

Remember the Fisher Price Chatter Telephone long before Toy Story 3 brought it out of storage?  And what about this fab Fisher Price Record Player?  I am desperately trying to decide whether Joseph might love this for Christmas.  Then again, would any of the kids, given that they don’t even know what a “record” is.  Oh my giddy aunt, that does make me feel old.  What they hey, I might add it to my own list.

The winner as far as the kids were concerned though was the Pop Goes the Weasel Jack in the Box which Mr Postman brought along with our catalogue.  There was something very satisfying about seeing the kids turn away from the games consoles to a play with a traditional toy that still holds its appeal with all ages.  This proves that you can’t beat an oldie but goodie.  That’s reassuring… given I’ve just celebrated another birthday and my hair is turning greyer by the day.

No matter who you are looking for gift ideas for, the Handpicked Collection should be part of your catalogue collection.  Just remember to focus and remember that you’re looking for gifts for other people.  Or just treat yourself anyway.  After all, it is almost Christmas.

(Disclaimer: The Handpicked Collection sent us a Pop Goes the Weasel Jack in the Box (rrp £17.95) as a thank you for giving our opinion on their fantastic range of products).


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One thought on “Some Christmas help

  1. I have to confess I am scared stiff of jack in the boxes, the waiting gets me and then when they pop i jump out of my skin, everytime. I admit though I love the photo frame that is beautiful, especially as like yourself I love photos. my house is covered.

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