The photo above was taken yesterday when the twins turned sixteen days old.  Where did those two weeks go?  It’s frightening how quickly time is flying by.

I’m still in a state of shock and awe at being blessed with twins.  I still can’t believe they are here.  I still can’t believe how tiny and perfect they are and I still can’t believe that there are two of them – at once.  I wonder what they are thinking when they look at each other.  Do they remember being together in my belly?  Do they know already that they are sisters?  Do they already share a special bond?  I do wonder.

They have fitted effortlessly into the family.  The other children all dote on them.  As two year old Ollie says several times a day, “I love ’em!”.  Then he kisses one and makes sure he goes over to kiss the other all in the name of fairness.  Jealousy extends only to who got the chance to hold a baby already/more/first and whose turn it now is and the eagerness to stroke or pat a baby while marvelling at their tiny features still hasn’t worn off.  If memory boxes could hold real memories, these are the ones I’d keep forever.

We have been so incredibly blessed and I am so thankful.

Eleven times over.


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6 thoughts on “Blessed

  1. Beautiful post, and a sweet reminder to cherish the time and pay attention. Looking forward to holding my newest blessing 🙂 6 more weeks! Blessings, Amy

  2. OHHHHH – They're beautiful!!!!! =D *cheers!* Good job, little mama! Yay-yay-yay!

  3. You mentioned that the only jealousy over the new babe(s) is who gets to hold next. I have found the same thing with my children. We have never had any jealousy problems when the new baby comes home. Perhaps it's the parents attitude about children?

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