Large families and sickness

Being a mum to a large family and living life blogging and writing about large family life, there isn’t much I will say is too hard about it all.

Normally, I’ll be telling you that having more children doesn’t really make as much difference as you’d imagine.

Normally, I’ll be telling you that it really was harder work when I only had two or three children.

Normally, I’ll be telling you that the change from a small family to a bigger one was gradual, so I haven’t been left feeling like I’m cooking or washing for an army.

Today isn’t a “normally” kind of day.

The sick bug is rife in our house at the moment.  It has passed through Paddy and Mike, and then hit Sid before bedtime last night resulting in a major scrub down of the kitchen, lobby and downstairs shower room which was host to the puke-fest.

During the night, when I was trying to ignore Braxton Hicks and backache, I realised that Mike wasn’t in bed.  He was scrubbing the bedroom carpet in the next room at 1am.  Harry now has the bug too.

Normally in a larger than average family it will take a week or two for a bug to work its way through each family member.  By which time it isn’t unusual for a new bug to take over.  We had colds a couple of weeks ago, remember?  Now it’s time for the tummy bug to make an appearance.

So, four members of the household have already had it.  That leaves baby Joseph, Oliver, Eddie and Caitlin to get it now.  I am sure it won’t take long.  I am dreading it.

It also leaves me.

Almost 34 weeks pregnant with twins.  Already uncomfortable, in pain and having dealt with one thing or another over the last almost three weeks.   My back is now playing up.  The tenderness across the top of my uterus, put down to bruising from the babies, is increasing day after day and a stomach bug is definitely the very last thing I or these babies need.

I am bracing myself.

If I go quiet here you’ll know why.

I must have missed the calm before the storm.  Please tell me that the calm also comes after the storm too?

Reassure me, please.


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4 thoughts on “Large families and sickness

  1. You poor thing, next time all 5 of us are I'll I will remember this post and refrain from complaining! I will be thinking of you, be strong 🙂
    I hope you have a peaceful and calm week next week

  2. It means the babies will be here soon, I know some women who swear by the pre-labour flu. It comes around with every baby right before the final week, as if to update everyones immunities to protect the baby fron bugs in the first few weeks of life.

    I don't know, it might be an old wives tale, but my grandma had it with both her kids, and I've only had one so far but we got it right on cue at week 36 I believe.

  3. I haven't heard that old wives tale before. I guess we'll soon find out if it's true or not (I really hope it is!).

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