We all need a little pregnancy reassurance sometimes

As this pregnancy draws ever nearer to an end I can’t help but think of how it has compared to my previous pregnancies. The obvious difference being that I have this time had the privilege of experiencing a twin pregnancy as opposed to the singletons of before. Finding out I was expecting twins brought me back to the days of old, when pregnancy was still a new experience and I was less confident about, well, about anything and everything really.

When I was pregnant with Ben nineteen years ago (was it really that long?), there was no internet to speak of. Information wasn’t as widely and easily available as it is now and so my main companion was my Bounty book, which was read and re-read over and over. Like all relationships, ours has changed over the years. We have a history, do Bounty and I.

Technology over the last two decades has made it possible for that little book to develop into a vast collection of information, advice and reassurance in one place. I’ve got older. Bounty got wiser. I’ve got slower with age. Bounty has everything available within seconds.

The website doesn’t just cover pregnancy and birth but also so many other subjects including family time, money, health and travel. There is a great deal of support and tools for those trying to conceive including a fertility calendar to help you to predict your most fertile period during the month.

Once you’ve got the positive sign on the pregnancy test you’ll be keen to know when your baby will be arriving. The due date calculator will work it all out for you and you can then get on with checking up on your pregnancy week by week and feel reassured at every step of this exciting new journey that you are embarking on.

Actually, that reassurance doesn’t just stop with first time mums. I’m a regular user too and love to know what is going on inside my body. Finding out how the babies are growing and developing gives you such an amazing insight that it still leaves me in awe, even now. It goes to show that Bounty is a valuable plethora of information whether you are on your first or your tenth baby!

I never imagined we’d still be together nineteen years after we first met.

Me and Bounty.

Bounty and me.

(This post was brought to you in association with Bounty)

2 thoughts on “We all need a little pregnancy reassurance sometimes

  1. I love Bounty and used it throughout all my pregnancies. I have made some great friends from there, some I've met and some I haven't. I don't go on there so I'm not pregnant, but it's a great resource to help you through pregnancy 🙂

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