I finally got on with it and brought the baby clothes out of storage where they’ve been for, ooh, all of the best part of the last eleven months.

Due to limited space I stuck to digging out only the smallest sizes of clothes for now which are all mainly white with a few blue and no pink at all.

A few weeks ago Persil had sent a bottle of their 2-in-1 with Comfort over to try so I thought I’d use it on the baby clothes.  Once the wash had finished and I was folding the lovely, soft, tiny clothes I kept getting a whiff of passion flower.  Looking at the washed, dried and neatly folded pile I can’t help but feel there isn’t enough for two babies at once though.

Getting newborn clothes out of storage always makes me stop and think.  Pregnancy gets to a stage where it feels never-ending.  The discomfort sets in, especially when it’s hot and humid, and it gets difficult to get to any level of comfort at all.  To me, getting the teeny, perfect clothes ready is the marker that it will all be over soon.

I look at Joseph and even though he is not yet a year old, he already seems so big when I compare him to the newborn outfits.  Soon, he’s going to be promoted to big brother status.  My baby will be a baby no more.

So at least one more thing has been ticked off the to-do list.  Perhaps today I might make a start on packing the hospital bags.



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