Well, that does explain things

The warm, rain-free weather makes it nice for the children to go out and burn off some energy in the garden.
They build camps with the old shower curtain, or tie it to the climbing frame to make a hammock to swing in.
They argue over who isn’t going down the slide fast enough play on the slide.  
They chase each other around. 
They get hot, sweaty and worn out.
I looked out into the garden and saw something red running down Sid’s face.  The something red was also all over his once white shirt.  
Instantly thinking “blood” I called him in. 
“Sid, what is all that red stuff on your face and shirt?”
“On my face?”
“And my shirt?”
“I think it’s where I fell into the berries.”
The only berries we have are up in a tree.  
That’s some impressive “falling”, Sid.
(It didn’t take long for someone to snitch that Sid had been climbing up to pick berries in order to squash them.  I would never have guessed it myself).


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