I couldn’t believe it either!

Yesterday something happened which had never happened before.  At least not to my recollection.  And it was such a significant event that I’m sure I would have remembered it if it had happened before.  But when it happened I was speechless and didn’t quite know how to react such was the novelty.

I have a teenage daughter called Stephanie.

She is intelligent, beautiful and hard-headedly stubborn.

A few days ago she was having a few problems and I gave her some unsolicited and most probably unwanted advice because as a mum that is what I do and makes up part of my job specification.

As a teenage daughter her role is to either:

a) get annoyed with me and ignore my advice because what do I know, after all?


b) pretend to listen just to appease me and then ignore it regardless because what do I know, after all?

Yesterday popped up her Facebook status claiming she’d taken some advice and… well that was enough for me to pick up my phone to text her.

(Yes, Facebooking… texting… it’s the main way of parenting teens nowadays apparently).

“Whose advice did you take?  It’s got to be a first for you!”

Steph’s reply, “Aha yours 🙂  don’t react…”


And worthy of only one reaction:

Parents of stubborn teens will understand my need to save the date.  I may take it to Parliament and request that this day becomes an annual holiday.  I’m sure they’d agree.

27th July 2011.

I will never forget this day as long as I live.


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3 thoughts on “I couldn’t believe it either!

  1. Wow, I'm impressed. My best friend has an 17 year old Son. I'm sending her this post to tell her there is hope after all.

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