A day to remember

Eating out and takeaways are a rare treat in this house so when Domino’s Pizza got in touch offering to provide the pizzas for Paddy’s fourth birthday party it didn’t take very long for us to accept their kind offer.
Not having to worry about the small details like food we got to work with getting into the party spirit.
First the banners.  A party needs banners…

But has anyone seen the guest of honour?  Aha, there he is!

We blew up dozens of balloons ready for a balloon release at the end of the day…
…although there was the one that got away…
The washing made way for a pinata….

… and there was a surprise visit from nanny, grandad and big sister Stephanie which none of the boys were expecting!

Here they are, my little girl and big girl.  Although my little girl is now taller than my big girl.  That’s just fine details though.

Unfortunately their biggest brother couldn’t make it.  He had been busy working somewhere called “Wimbledon”.  (Not the train station).  He couldn’t make it in person so sent a picture instead.  Ben is the one on the left hand side by the way, giving some young chap a few tennis tips and advice…

While Mike collected my parents and Steph from the station I ordered our food.  I chose to do this by ‘phone although you can also order your pizza online if you prefer.  
And here is our leaning tower of pizzas, hot straight from the oven and delivered to our door…
This was probably the quietest part of the day.  The part where everybody was busy eating like there was no tomorrow…
I was feeling grateful for a day off cooking.  Everyone else was happy to have such a treat…
Even Oliver, who had been feeling very poorly and had me up five times the previous night managed to raise a smile and the delicious aroma even whet his appetite…
After that it was time for a painfully tuneless version of “Happy Birthday”.  It was so painfully tuneless that Paddy blew out his candles before we’d finished the second line. 
 Not getting the hint, the tone deaf choir continued the torture til the end.  When we were done the relief on Paddy’s face was plain for all to see…
Leaving the mess in the kitchen behind we made our way into the garden for presents….
Who doesn’t love presents, after all?
And after the presents comes the beating of the pinata.  Paddy opted out of using the stick in favour of punching it.  The next time his turn came around he reconsidered…
Last but not least was the balloon release.  The clouds had moved overhead but that didn’t stop our fun watching the balloons disappear into the distance.  Admittedly, several only ended up as far as next door’s shrubs and trees.  
(A note to my neighbours if you are reading this, I am sorry.  And would you mind returning any of my clothes pegs that flew into your garden after the overzealous pinata beating.  I promise I will make a note to remove the pegs from the washing line prior to hanging a pinata from it next time).
The verdict?  It seems a surprise visit, balloons, pizza, cake, pinata and presents makes for a successful birthday party and one very tired four year old.

Happy Birthday, Paddy.  I hope you had a day to remember.


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2 thoughts on “A day to remember

  1. oh adore children's events:) their laugh..smiles..
    it's so candidly
    nice snapshots! my congratulation

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