Twin Pregnancy Diary – 21 weeks 2 days


Twin Pregnancy 21 weeks

During this last week the tiny flutterings I waited for so long to feel are now getting stronger and more pronounced.  It’s great to feel the babies so active in there and so very reassuring.   I don’t doubt the movements will become very uncomfortable towards the end so I’m cherishing them while they are still light enough to not cause any discomfort but strong enough to give me the peace of mind I crave.

I feel like I’m putting on weight alarmingly fast.  I may have to re-think my Pringle sandwich leanings and revert back to fruit salad for breakfasts.  I will take a while to consider my options carefully.  It may take quite a while.

The heartburn is continuing to be a pain.  The more room the babies are taking up the stronger it becomes.  My hips are beginning to hurt a little during the night.  For the most side I sleep most comfortably lying on my left side.  This is good for the babies as sleeping on your left side improves the blood flow to them.  The only thing is after a while my hips start to feel a kind of numbness and it gets very uncomfortable.  The jury is still out on the pregnancy pillow decision.  I did try sleeping with a pillow between my knees but felt I was sleeping awkwardly as there was no support under my bump. Given how much I fidgeted about trying to get the one pillow set up comfortably enough and to stay in position I think I would have a nightmare trying to work around several pillows.  I suspect it would be more comfortable to have one large pillow which I’m able to position around several of my lumps and bumps.    It would have to be a pretty substantial pillow to position around all lumps and bumps that exist so I’ll settle for supporting the main ones.  Anyway, this is something I’ll carry on thinking about and asking for opinions on so any advice or perspectives welcome.

According to the Babycenter App each baby weighs about 360g and measures approximately 27cm from head to heel.  Of course, we had our 4d scan on Saturday and I’ll be blogging about it later this week so am not going to go into detail today.

I am bracing myself for Thursday’s anomaly scan at the hospital.  I get very nervous and worried beforehand so I’m hoping and praying that everything is alright with these precious babies.  If you’d like to hope and/or pray on our behalf for good results it would be very much appreciated.

Yesterday was World Twin Day and this week is also Twins, Triplets and More week.  Got to say I’m looking forward to joining in next year!  If you’ve only just joined me on my journey you can read back from the beginning of my twin pregnancy here and you can also talk with me on the Larger Family Life Facebook page or over on Twitter.


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One thought on “Twin Pregnancy Diary – 21 weeks 2 days

  1. You are looking fabulous and doing great Tania! I take my hat off to twins and more mums, that's for sure.
    I sleep on my side, keeping a pillow under my belly and I bend the top leg so it's supported by the pillow also. I still have to change sides and move my pillow with me, but it stops my hips from hurting quite as much as they do without the pillow support.
    I have heard body pillows are good, but I've never had any spare money to purchase one. Maybe I should've just tried making one, lol!
    Can't wait to hear how your scans go, praying for all to be just perfect so you can relax and enjoy!

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