The things they say

We had spent a good couple of hours yesterday repeatedly asking the boys to tidy the playroom. The boys had spent a good couple of hours trying to get out of tidying the playroom. Yet another conversation by way of, “It’s tidy”, “No, it’s not tidy at all. Look at that pile of mess over there” ended up with Sid standing at the doorway of the living room with his lips quivering and eyes blinking back tears.

“When the twins are born can we move to a new house straight away?” he asked, struggling not to let his emotions out.

“Why do you want to move straight away when they’re born?” I asked.

“Because there is too much stuff to tidy under the shelves!” he wailed tearfully.

So there you have it. The next time housework is getting on top of you and you think you’ll never get through the list of chores you have, don’t worry! Just put your house up for sale and move to a new clean and tidy one.



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