12 things about having a large family

1. Laziness isn’t encouraged in a large family. Everone will soon learn that they have a choice of a lie in or breakfast. Those that have got out of bed earlier will have finished the bread, milk and cereal long before the last one up’s eyes were thinking of opening. So, eat breakfast or stay in bed. The choice is yours but you can’t have both.

2. The only time you will see the bottom of your laundry basket is when you first purchase it. Take a long, hard look and admire it. It’s going to be a while before you see it again.

3. I have six boys aged eight and under. I can look at the sales and know that any item of clothing in the age range 1-10 years is going to fit someone.

4. Everybody will steal everybody elses socks and claim them as their own for the day. That’s just the way it goes.

5. You will discover that ovens are not big enough, fridges are not big enough and washing machines are not big enough. It doesn’t matter how big they are. They won’t be big enough.

6. Your calendar is full of appointments and activities. None will be for you.

7. None of your kids will have any activities or appointments scheduled for two whole weeks. It is then guaranteed that on the third week at least three of them will have to be in a different place at the same time on the same day.

8. You will always have the extra kid you don’t remember having called “Not me!”. When someone has left the tap overflowing, blocked the toilet or spilt a cup of milk and left it dripping everywhere you can bet your life that “Not me!” did it.

9. Multipacks of whatever always come one short to what you need.

10. You bypass department stores when looking for cooking equipment and head straight for the army surplus stores.

11. You learn to NEVER leave a seat you’ve managed to claim. You’ll delay getting up for a drink/answering the phone/going to the bathroom because you know the second you get up somebody else will claim your seat and you will NEVER get it back.

12. You’ll be amazed at how many names you can say before calling someone by their correct name. It’s not so bad when you’re calling them by the name of a sibling but when you are calling them by a name that nobody in the house owns, and by a name you don’t even know anybody with, then you’re in trouble!

And that’s just the tip of the large family iceberg!  Can you add any more to the list?


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12 thoughts on “12 things about having a large family

  1. When you finally go to the newly filled biscuit tin it will be empty as will anything else that you thought you might treat yourself to later unless of course you hid it! I have 6 children and it's the quick and the hungry in my house!

  2. I am one of 6 so empathise with you.

    We have a name for no.12 – wronganameanightis! We were forever shouting it at my dad as he reeled off all different names to the one he meant!

  3. Love it … but don't know how you do it! One of my favourite scenes in Cheaper By the Dozen is the breakfast where the toast and everything else is flying about ….

  4. Oooo
    1. Not me leaves 10 wet towels every morning, sanitary towels used and hanging out of bins, leaves empty tampon and sanitary packets in the cupboards so when you are ' on' there's never any there. Likewise not me leaves at least 24 mugs, plates, glasses and spoons around the house, never switches off the Internet etc!!!!!!I was an only child who didn't have the luxury of having not me live there! My 11 kids have perfected this!
    2. Get down to breakfast late means you miss the bowl of coco pops for the week and have Lidl coco balls instead. This can be shewdly dealt with by eating your bowel at 1am!!!
    3. You will come to do your makeup for work and realise you never have the mascara, eyeliner or foundation you bought!! Likewise nice bras, is anything in fashion or with a label .
    4. You can clothe a third world country in ' one ' socks!!! The washing machine seems to eat each partner!
    5. 'me time ' us when you are dead!
    6. You can never ever successfully watch a tv programme uninterrupted.
    7. You realise you fund singlehandly the ballet teachers summer vacation!
    8.you can instantly know the price of anything reduced by 50,20,30 or even 17.5%!!!
    9. you check Martin lewis's we site religiously for the best deals.
    10. You are the queen if eBay. Charity shops, reclaiming shops etc
    11. You are awarded the prize three times in Primark for acheiving the longest sales reciet!
    12. You can at the same point in time singlehandly change a nappy , burp a baby.listen to a child read, help a child with homework a d cook tea!
    13….. You want the others ???? I will write a book!!!

  5. when people leave your house after a visit they are screaming at each other because the noise level of your house resembles that of a heavy metal concert!

  6. those are all true for me too and all hysterical. especially the last one…i once started calling for sarah when i don't even have a sarah in our family…lol!

  7. So for years I have prayed for a large family. i am sure I have mentioned this before. We have four blessings and have never stopped them from coming. Well we officially have our large family. Last Thursday we signed paperwork for my niece's one and three year old son. I now have my large family. although I still pray God will continue to bless our family with more blessings. We now have a 1, 3, 5, 8, 11 and 14 year old. so what are your suggestions.

  8. Congratulations on your new additions to your family! I am so pleased for you! Is there anything in particular you'd like to ask? I'll do my best to answer though can't guarantee it'll be useful!

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