I need a favour

Meet my Facebook and various forum friend, Shannon.  She is a mum of nine (like me), is the same age at 25 plus a few years (like me) and she’s beautiful…. (yeah, well, two out of three ain’t bad, like Meatloaf once said).
However, wonderful as Shannon is, we’re not interested in her.  Look at the guy next to her.  That’s her husband and childhood sweetheart, Gary.  Gary is one in half a million*.  As well as being a fantastic husband to Shannon and brilliant father to their nine children ranging in age from 18 to four-ish months (our kids are even the same ages!), Gary also helps to protect his country within his role in the US Army.  
Shannon and Gary celebrate their 20th anniversary this year.  They never had a honeymoon.  I think they deserve one, albeit it a little late.  So here’s the plan.
Gary has made it in through to the final votes for Redbook’s Hottest Husband of 2011 Contest.  Now, I have to say that it’s a good job that he’s in America and my dh is here in the UK as otherwise Gary would be upset to lose to Mike, as, I’m sorry to tell you Shannon, he is the best.  But as we’re in different continents we can all still get along.  So if anyone reading this would please CLICK HERE AND VOTE FOR GARY W we can hopefully play our part in getting Gary and Shannon the long awaited honeymoon they both deserve in the form of an all expenses paid trip to Mexico!  

PLUS… if they win, they’ll send me a postcard!

What are you waiting for?  Click here!
Thank you.

*One in half a million because Mike is the other one in the other half.

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