Actually, the Pope did not say that

I’ve been watching the media frenzy unfurl over the recent revelations that the Pope has finally admitted that the use of condoms is ok and acceptable and the entire beliefs that the Catholic church has been built upon is coming crashing down.

Now, call me cynical but I don’t immediately tend to believe what the tabloids tell me. I don’t care much for what the BBC claims to be true. I don’t give a hoot what the opinion of some MP is. I really don’t believe any of what I’m told until I look into it for myself.

Fortunately for the media, for each person that takes their stories and reports with a pinch of salt, there is a multitude that takes it as the raw, honest truth. Newspapers, magazines and corporations are glad of this apathy because it’s now they make something that isn’t anything of interest into a “sensational story you just can’t miss!”

So, as I’ve looked into it I am going to share something with you and I’m going to keep it brief. 

The Pope has not endorsed the use of condoms. 

What he has said is that a sinful act is a sinful act, regardless of the steps taken to make it seem less so.  In this case he has used the example of a male prostitute carrying the AIDS virus who uses a condom as, in his (the prostitute’s view), he is being morally responsible and therefore less sinful in preventing passing on the virus.  What the Pope has said, in short and humbly translated by me, is that it does not detract that the act in which he is partaking is still sinful.  In short, a sin is a sin is a sin.  No matter how you dress it up.

What the Pope did say, however, was that it is ok to throw people down elevator shafts.

2 thoughts on “Actually, the Pope did not say that

  1. I laughed when I first saw it on Drudge Report. I thought…man! when will people realize that a pope cannot make or change church doctrine?

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