A year of …

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly and how much babies change. I find it hard to believe that Joseph is already five weeks old. I’m certain the final five weeks of pregnancy didn’t go that fast.

Each day I scan his face and notice new things. Every day he seems to change ever so slightly. It’s lovely to watch him grow and bloom but bittersweet too. Not least because it’s all so easily forgotten.

I thought it would be fun to take a photo of Joseph every week for a year to track how he grows and changes over the course of the 52 weeks.

Each week I’ll be adding a new photo of Joseph to the album “A year of Joseph” on the Larger Family Life Facebook page and sharing it with you. If you haven’t joined up yet then please do!

I’d love as many people to join in too with their own “A year of…”. If you don’t have a new baby don’t worry, join in with your any age baby or toddler or child of any age.

Start a new album on your own FB titled “A year of *insert name*” and even if your privacy settings only allow your friends to see the rest of your albums or FB information, you can still choose to share your album over at Larger Family Life’s FB page by copying and pasting the sharing link you’re given by FB once you’ve created your album. (If you’re stuck or I don’t make sense (nothing new there!), let me know here or through FB or by email and I’ll try and talk you through it).

At the end of the year I’ll be sharing my final “A year of Joseph” montage here on the blog.

Would anyone like to join in? Please do and spread the word too!

Click on over to here to begin!

2 thoughts on “A year of …

  1. Wow, a young child, a large family and you home school too? I am interested in your home schooling as my daughter recently pulled her four children out of public school and is home schooling. I admire you for doing this.

  2. A year of sounds so awesome. Jeremiah (#7) arrived just 2 weeks after your precious baby. So we just hit week 3 and he is changing daily. I am going to work on this today with facebook and get it posted this sounds like such fun. Thanks Michelle

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