Skinny me – here I come… again!

After the birth of Oliver last year I was determined to lose the weight that had been increasing further with each pregnancy since 2003. With six babies in those seven years I’ve ended up with a whole lot of excess lumps, bumps and wobbly bits.

I joined up with Weightwatchers Online, which I found convenient and much more preferable to my reclusive nature than the real life meetings. In 36 weeks I managed to lose about 42lbs. That’s if I remember correctly. Which I probably don’t as if something isn’t written on my calendar it tends to get forgotten pretty quickly. I didn’t get to goal as I stopped watching my weight when I found out I was pregnant again.

Me, being me, made the most of being pregnant and not watching my weight and gorged on plenty of chocolate and ice cream. I told you the baby liked ice cream. He was our heaviest so far at 8lb 9oz when he was born, quite a difference from our normal 6 or 7 pound something babies. That 8lb 9oz didn’t make much of a dent in the rest of the weight I’d gained though so it’s time to get back on the weight loss saddle and start shrinking.

Like last time I’ll be doing my weekly weigh-in on a Monday and I’ll be reporting back here.

Hopefully I’ll be reporting good news.

Every single week.

For all the two weeks it takes for me to lose the 60lbs I’m aiming to lose.

If only.

I’d be very grateful for encouragement or a kick when I need it. And if anyone there wants to join in with me (you don’t necessarily have to be following WW) it’d be good to have the company. You can link up your blog reporting your progress (or plateaus, the evil things) with mine on a Monday. So that this second round of Monday Weigh-Ins don’t get mixed up with the first lot from last year they’ll be under the title Monday Weigh-In (Free Skinny Me).

Because I have no shame I’ll once again share my starting weight here with you.

Starting weight: 13st 1lb
Goal weight: 8st 11lb
Overall weight loss goal: 60lbs

So there you go. Just reading that makes me feel like I’ve eaten Skinny Me, and she resides somewhere under the cellulite and flabby bits.

Skinny Me, I’m going to try and get you out of there, I promise!

10 thoughts on “Skinny me – here I come… again!

  1. wait, you only weigh 13 pounds and you want to get down to 8 pounds. I am encouraging you. can you continue weight watchers if you get pregnant. I mean do they have a way of keeping you from gaining too much weight.

  2. I was confused about the starting weight also but I will support you in your journey. I gave birth to my 6th baby late July and I am also enrolled in Weight Watchers. It works! Slow but healthy progress. =)

  3. I weigh 13 stones and one pound, a total of 183 lbs. I want to get down to 8st 11, (123lbs) making a total weight loss goal of 60lbs. Do I make sense yet? (It'll be a first if I do!).

  4. Yeah! YOu go, girl! This is such a terribly hard thing to do for so many women. YOu have all my encouragement.

    Cheering you on from the other side of the pond!

  5. Way to go!!!! I have been wanting to begin for months and keep having some excuse. I did join WW online and only made it a few of the weeks. Now that has expired. I hope to be encouraged by watching you and really do it this time. (I have all the wobbly parts from 5 pregnancies that I allowed to accumulate.)

  6. I have been trying to loose weight too.
    I have changed the whole way I eat!

    You can do it!

    Blessings and Prayers,

  7. I just read what you starting weight was…..the stone thing was confusing. I weight the same a you:} I have the same goal!

    If you want we came e-mail each other weekly for support and weigh in {so we have acountablty}
    I don't have weight watchers to keep in in line.


  8. Sounds good Georgiann! Hopefully we can be an encouragement to each other as we shrink :-).

    Thanks to everyone for your support. Keep it coming!

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