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I’ve just woken from a much needed half snooze on the sofa, surrounded by the normal hustle, bustle and noise of the children in the same room. Not the best form of relaxation but better than nothing and I’m really finding it impossible to get through the day without nodding off at some point.

Anyway, as you probably know already, I am now expecting number nine. There are six boys and two girls and the lineup is as follows:

Child 1 – Boy – Age 17
Child 2 – Girl – Age 16
Child 3 – Girl – Age 11
Child 4 – Boy – Age 7
Child 5 – Boy – Age 5
Child 6 – Boy – Age 4
Child 7 – Boy – Age 3
Child 8 – Boy – Aged 15 months

As you can see and as mentioned in previous posts, the five of the boys were all born within the last seven years.

So it occurred to me, that if the newest one is a girl, that there will be somebody bound to utter the words to the effect of,

“Well now you finally have another girl you can stop now, eh?!”

Or if it’s another boy will we be asked,

“So will you try again for a girl?”

Because of course, that’s what it’s about.


But you know it’s bound to happen, no? Somebody’s going to say it. It’ll be interesting to see how long it takes!

4 thoughts on “Just a thought

  1. Don't you just want another little Sullivan? …whatever it is??? Do we really care what we have? My eldest is a boy and then came three girls. I've never once thought…oh I'd love to have another boy. I've just wanted my baby out safe and sound each time. It doesn't matter what I've had…I've felt no hankering for the opposite and no disappointment whatsoever. By the way, I want to be there when someone tells you you should stop now…that would be worth getting the popcorn out for!!! Someone asked me that after Suzanna and I said…I'd fill my house up with a hundred kids if I could! The look I got was rather funny. I'll have as many as I like ta!!

  2. So, will you have another baby after this one?!?!? Hey, I guess 10 is a rounder number than 9!!
    Sorry Angela – yes, some people do care, so you're lucky if you don't.
    Tania – after this many kids, you must be immune to comments about whether or not you're having any more?
    Oooh, excited now – not long till we all find out if there is to be a change of colour in the baby clothes department! You know, I reckon that 6 boys and 3 girls would be a pretty good balance! I do feel that Sofia and I versus Oliver and 3 boys is pretty darned equal LOL!

  3. Okay. So just say, "I like the sex!" That'll get them to drop their jaws, ya think? LOL

    Seriously. Why are we not allowed to shock them?

  4. We have five girls in a row and when I was pregnant with the third, fourth and fifth all anyone ever said was " oh, trying for a boy?" I always responded with " no just a baby" and added "besides we have three boys". It usually shocked them speechless:)

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