38+5 weeks pregnant and a belly pic

After marvelling at the speed with which this pregnancy has gone I’m now going to complain that the last week or two has pass ed by at a snail’s pace.

While I am incredibly thankful to have been blessed with a healthy, full term pregnancy, I am ready for it to be over. Very ready.

The practise contractions have been increasing in frequency and strength, as they have done with previous pregnancies in the final weeks. Instead of gaining any kind of momentum allowing full blown labour to begin, all they are serving to do is to make me aware that they are there, hurting just enough to make their presence known but not mild enough that I can ignore them.

My back aches, I can’t cool down, I’m constantly tired and I personally have financed Rennie for the whole of 2010 and on top of that I now have thrush.


In short, I want it over with.

I’m ready to meet my baby and ready to not be a hot, sweaty, uncomfortable pain any longer.

Roll on Thursday. I’m counting the hours til you arrive.

Moan over.

The guessing continues on the gender, weight and length of the baby. I think the majority is still leaning toward it being another boy although quite a few people have state “girl” quite confidently. Doesn’t matter how confidently you say it, though.

Que sera, sera…

A couple of people commented previously that they needed to see a belly pic before they were able to make their predictions.

Here you go…

This pic came somewhere from Google but can’t remember the site now.  Thanks to wherever it came from though.
Yeah, ha ha.
I know you’re not impressed but, trust me, the real picture would have been far more disturbing.

5 thoughts on “38+5 weeks pregnant and a belly pic

  1. Oh my goodness… the whale picture REALLY sums up how every pregnant person feels at the end of every pregnancy! I was anticipating an actual pregnant pic… but the laughter was worth it! 🙂 Praying for a healthy baby, and a safe and quick delivery! Blessings,
    Megan@ A story unfolding

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