What’s going on?

For the third time in as many weeks I’ve had a funny turn. Waking up fine in the morning, I suddenly get shaky, tired and sick, needing to lie down quickly and sleep or head to the bathroom at superspeed and vomit.

Within hours I feel ok again.

What’s this all about?

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  1. Have you had your blood pressure checked recently, and maybe your blood sugars? I have slight funny turns sometimes, not as bad as yours, but same sort of feelings – I think mine are sometimes one or the other of these possible causes.
    Ask for a once-over – it's late pregnancy and maybe your body is getting a bit tired, or maybe baby is lying awkwardly and upsetting your body somehow!
    Hugs – take care of yourselves.

  2. I have done that in pregnancy before also. Not fun. You should run it by your midwife or OB though just to make sure.

  3. I would say blood sugar or pressure too. I hope you are able to get some rest and feel better. are you eating frequently

  4. I don't know about it in pregnancy, but my dad has diabeties and if he dosen't get enough sugar he will become shakey, jittery, and feeling like fainting or very tired quite suddenly. In these cases it is a low blood sugar. He needs to eat a few quick dissolving lollies, like those glucose jellybeans, or simply raw sugar on the tongue, and then make a jam sandwhich with some orange juice, basically quick absorbing sugars to give him a sugar hit and pick it back up to normal levels. He has never had an attack from too much sugar, but vomiting would make sence if his body needed to expel excess sugar in the stomach if he's had too much.

    It was quite scary when he would get it, as his hands would shake so much he couldn't open the container to get to the lollies we keep for that purpose.

    It's my first pregnancy so I don't know much about it, but I've read about pregnancy related diabeties, and from my fathers experience that would be my first guess. Book an appointment with your doctor? In the meantime, try just watching your sugar intake, and if you have a shakey turn, see if a sugar hit helps or not? If it's not your blood sugar it won't hurt.

    Hope you get it figured out quickly!

  5. Like everyone else, blood sugars and pressure from babs is what rushed to mind, definitely get checked by midwife

  6. Thanks for your opinions everyone. I have an appointmennt with the midwife on Tuesday so will mention it then and see what she thinks.

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