Needing a push or some really strong coffee

During the final month of pregnancy I always find myself slowing right down. I hear about people developing the nesting instinct and deep cleaning their houses. It’s about all I can do to keep on top of the laundry (four loads so far today with one more to go).

There are still a few extra jobs hanging over my head but I’m slowly getting through them. With any luck we’ll be organised before baby arrives but you know, truthfully, I’d really rather sleep at the moment!

I spent much of the morning getting together Cait and Harry’s test papers from the last school year. They’re now all sorted out, organised nicely and with the relevant paperwork ready to be sent off for moderation. The new workbooks arrived yesterday and they now need sorting out, as does the filing cabinet and the shelves which house manuals, supplies, paper and other junk which probably shouldn’t be there. Actually, there’s no “probably” about it.

I pulled out the baby car seat and removed and washed all the fabric, and cleaned down the frame, so that’s another job off the list. It will be once I’ve put it all back together anyway.

This afternoon I’ve played referee a million and seventy two times already, said the word “no” 539,874 times and pretended not to hear various tell-tales and tattles 912,322 times. A pretty non-eventful day, I think you’ll agree.

I’m lacking inspiration regarding what to make for tonight’s dinner, even though I’m meant to begin cooking whatever it’s going to be in an hour and I have another stack of laundry to fold and put away yet before rotating another load from the dryer to the washer.

Plus we still aren’t sure just what we’re going to do about Mike’s car. He’s having to drive the minibus to work at the moment which is more costly fuel-wise but what can we do about it?

So if anyone wants to drive on over in a new car which they plan to leave behind for us, cook dinner, sort laundry and deal with the kids on my behalf while I crawl into bed for a couple of hours, please feel free.

3 thoughts on “Needing a push or some really strong coffee

  1. If only there were no ocean and land between us…I would so come help! My girls have been doing the bulk of cooking for days b/c I hurt my shoulder!

  2. I know it is all hard, but I just had to laugh at this because it is so thoroughly my life. Fortunately, I have five more months before our eighth baby comes. I never nest at the end either. I can barely stand, sit or lay down– nevermind scrubbing and sorting everything. But, and I think you will agree, with all of the hard parts, big family life is a really good life.

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