21 years

That’s what it is.

21 years since our first date.

Mike and I.

Me and Mike.


Yes, I was only four. (Teen).

We met at school.

We haven’t changed a bit.

Of course.

Some of you won’t believe me.

Some of you who know us will back me up.

Of course, some of you make convincing liars.

But that’s ok by us.

We were together for two years, then split, then got back together again.

It hasn’t been an easy road at all sometimes.

And we’ve been through some tough things.

In 21 years, what couple hasn’t?

But we’re here.

And the tough times, though they really hurt, and really were horrid, made us what and who we are now.

And I just want to say…

I love you.

More than you’ll ever know.

And more than I can ever say.

And one more thing…

I’m really glad…

… that you’ve almost finished decorating the downstairs shower room and lobby.

Because they really looked awful.

And they are looking much nicer and cleaner now.


… the kitchen now looks horrid.  Because it links onto the nice, freshly decorated lobby. 

Just thought I’d mention it.

Because let’s face it. 

21 years later.

Our lives aren’t what they were then.

Decisions have been replaced from what film to go and see to what wallpaper we prefer and (sometimes) which bill takes priority.

Wonder where we’ll be in another 21 years?

Love you always,

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5 thoughts on “21 years

  1. Oh this is so sweet! I can imagine the trials that you both went through. My husband and I are still on our fifth year of marriage and it's never easy. I liked the way you mentioned your kitchen, lol! But I am sincerely happy for you, congratulations!

  2. Hey! Congrats on 21 years! WOW! I have a long way to go to catch up. I'm looking forward to it though. Thanks for visiting my blog today. I saw from my blog frog widget that you were there and I wanted to return the favor and say hi! I'm now following your blog. See you around!
    Julie @ Bunches of Bargains

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