Warning: You are under attack!

Ever felt that way?

You know? Like nothing is going right?

Like everything is going wrong?


I signed off the last post telling you how the dishwasher and minibus needed replacing and how the dryer had broken down too.

This week we had rain, rain, rain resulting in mounting piles of laundry which I couldn’t wash because we couldn’t dry it. This ended up in running out of clothes and children wearing shorts and t-shirts in bed because pj’s weren’t ready in time. The lone airer we were using to try to dry stuff literally couldn’t take the strain and snapped its legs in its refusal to bear any more burden. You could almost hear it begging for mercy.

Then the exhaust fell off Mike’s car. Another lot of money later and it’s fixed… for now.

Then my brand new quilting machine, not yet four months old, threw a wobbly and refused to work properly. That’s going off to the engineer today. On the up-side, the back up machine is due to arrive today. I have a feeling this Bernina back-up is going to take preference over the Husqvarna and the Husq will take up back-up status. At least the four jobs that are waiting won’t be held up though. Yes?

Serves it right.

Then, this morning, Mike went out to feed and water the chickens before work and one is dead. On the ground. (I suppose it wouldn’t be dead on the perch, would it?). Spent the last couple of days losing feathers and now… gone.

I don’t think this is just bad luck. Nobody could be this unlucky could they? What is going on for goodness sakes?

I’ll tell you something, though. It doesn’t reassure me that so much is going wrong when my baby is due to go in for an operation next week. Thoughts and prayers on that would be very much appreciated. As well as a change of luck as our finances REALLY cannot take any more. But the op, that’s the beast hanging over me at the moment. If you’ve only one prayer in you, make that the one. Please?!

5 thoughts on “Warning: You are under attack!

  1. Stopping by from SITS…

    Life can be this way sometimes. It'll get better.

    I will say a prayer for your little one. Isn't funny how something like this will put life in perspective? Hope everything turns out the way it should.

  2. Sounds like you and your family are going through a rough patch. I am familiar with times like this and it is tough to keep your spirits up.

    Hang in there.

  3. When it rains it pours! Seems like everything hits at once.
    I hope things calm doen for you and you get a break soon.

    I will send up a few prayers for your little one and your family.

  4. Wow…when it rains it pours huh? If it makes you feel any better…my hubby and I are having escalating costs due to car problems as well. I will definitely keep you and your family in my prayers. Good luck with the surgery 🙂

  5. Since March we have replaced a refrigerator, dishwasher and dryer. The oxygen sensor came loose on the 4 Runner while DH was driving to work (80 miles away).

    It just seems like when it rains it pours!

    I am glad to see more people with large families, we have 6 and I often feel like I have the plague.


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