And another one bites the dust

Another month, that is.

June is almost over. In case you hadn’t noticed.

I haven’t checked but it’s probably one of, if not the quietest month blog-post-wise for a while.

The quietest ever?

I haven’t been idle though. I’ve had to remind myself of that when I felt a sudden pang of guilt at my lack of posting.

Let me think what we’ve been up to this month…

We celebrated Oliver’s first birthday…

… which he really…
… really…
Then we did this…
which you can find…
Where I’ve been busy making things like…
… and patterns for you to make this…
and this
Do come along and take a look, won’t you?  Oh and spread the word because you know how much I’d appreciate it.  And if you’d like a lovely one of these…
… for your blog or website please let me know! 
Of course, we also got two baby bunnies
{Imagine picture here – I will get one soon, promise!}
Which seem to be a little older than we were led to believe.  Looks like baby bunnies may be on the way seeing as the vet appointment on Thursday is a few days too late. 
Bad, bad bunnies.
We had a scan at the hospital which showed that everything with little one is going well. 
{Imagine scan picture here – I will scan one in soon, promise!}
 Nothing to worry about and we can enjoy the rest of the pregnancy! 
Oh and they moved my due date forward by a week.  Whoo-hoo!  Which now makes me 27 weeks tomorrow,  in case you were wondering.  And a new due date of September 30th!
Then we had Caitlin and Harry’s First Holy Communion…

… had a reunion with an old friend and her lovely family…
{insert photo here… I’m not very good at this am I?}
Actually, this is the second reunion Amanda and I have had in the last couple of months.  BUT, we hadn’t seen each other for almost 20 years.  It was lovely seeing them all again.  Especially since they brought chocolate.  
Really lovely!
Can’t wait to see them again!
Had another visitor in the form of my chief cousin.  Chief because she’s the oldest of the cousins.  She doesn’t look it. My grey hair felt self-concious.  Some people you can’t help but like, even if they do look pretty darned good.  *Sigh*.
Then a couple of days ago we celebrated Paddy’s birthday…
He’s the loveliest, cheekiest little three year old I know.  He’s struggling to be independent.  Sometimes a bit too much.  Doesn’t he know it’ll come soon enough?  Why can’t he just stay my baby?
                And what three year old doesn’t enjoy a trip to the farm?
Actually, we all enjoyed it.  We do love a farm.  Just wish we had one of our own that’s all.
Oh and while I’m *sigh*-ing… in the space of two weeks we had to replace the dishwasher (ouch!), the minibus (OUCH!) and now the tumble dryer has broken down. 
So you see, not idle at all. 

8 thoughts on “And another one bites the dust

  1. Great update.
    Love the quilts, they re beautiful.

    Looks/sounds like you've been keeping busy!
    Have a great week.

  2. nope it sounds like you have been laying around eating bon bons all month. glad things are going well. have a great July

  3. Happy birthday to your one year old, what a cutie! You do beautiful quilting items, and I hope nothing else breaks down. That is such a pain!

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