I can finally reveal the reason I’ve been so quiet!

For the last couple of months I’ve been beavering away on a little project. It’s been a real labour of love but now, at last, it’s ready to show to the world.

Not only have I been busy making and creating but I’ve also been working on everything else on getting our two new babies up and running.

I can tell you that there’s A LOT of work involved! 

Who knew?!

Anyway, I would love your support so please spread the word.  I don’t expect we’ll become multi millionaires but I just want to be able to sell something!

4 thoughts on “Announcing…!

  1. Tania these are just gorgeous!!! You are so talented. You are one of my oldest and most favorite blogging buddies – If you're interested in a link on my site for your shop let me know! And hows that belly coming along?!?!? xxx

  2. Thank you Gen! Do keep visiting (please!).

    Mesina, thank you! You always make me happy :0)) Email me your media kit and I'll take a look if you like! Really need to get word out.

  3. Ok, so a week went by with a sick man in the house and my whole blogging routine went! Only just seen your reply! 🙂

    I will happily send you my media kit…but uhh, I was suggesting I do this favour for free. I'm not going to charge you! Let me know, we'll sort something out 🙂

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