You’d think she’d remember

My mum rang me a couple of weeks ago.

Mum: “I was thinking. Next year dad will be 65, I will be 60 and Jimmy (brother) will be 30. Shall we do a party in the garden to celebrate?!”.

Me: “Umm, yes, that’s a good idea.”.

Mum: “And how old are you going to be? Is it 34 or 35?”

Me: “Next year?”

Mum: “Yes.”

Me: “37”

Mum: “37??!!! No you’re not! How old really? 34 or 35??!!”

Me: “37! I’m seven years older than Jimmy. He’s going to be 30. I was born in 1974. I’m going to be 36 this year. Don’t you even remember my birthday?!”

Mum: “Ahhh! I thought you were 34 or 35!”.

Yeah, you said.


You’d think your own mother might remember how old you are.

But now that I’ve told you my age I have to erase your memory. Now, look into this…

7 thoughts on “You’d think she’d remember

  1. My mother in law does the same thing with my hubby. She always thinks he is about 3yrs younger than he is, lol!

  2. Okay, I admit that even I don't remember how old I am some days…but I am pretty good with remembering my yahoos ages.
    Thx for visiting my blog this morning…I'm gonna poke around here for a bit if that's okay.

  3. hahaaaa, that`s cool! your mum just was hidden in the mists of time:) that`s very funny but it happens with everyone 🙂

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