When choosing a baby name shouldn’t be left to your husband

Mike came home from work a couple of weeks ago and told me that he’d thought of the best baby name ever.

Now, I can’t quite remember if we’d already found out that we were expecting again or whether it was a day or two before but hey-ho, they’re only details.

When Mike tells me he has had a great idea about something, I can’t help but get a feeling of apprehension. And worry. And the thought “Oh-my-goodness-what-is-he-going-to-come-up-with-now?” flies through my head.

But because I’m a good wifey I smile warmly and say, “Yes dear, please do tell.”

And then I hesitatingly say “Oh goodness. What is it?” while a little voice inside my head shouts, “Do you really want to know?! No! You’ll regret it! Don’t ask! Don’t ask! Don’t as… oh no, here we go!”.

He beamed.




I stare blankly.

So he explains.

“Can you imagine being somewhere like a waiting room and someone calls out “Doctor Sullivan!”, and then a little kid walks past?! People are going to think “Wow! That child must be really smart!”. How could someone do badly in life with a name like “Doctor”?!”.

“Uh, yes. And I suppose if you had twins you could name the other one Professor!” I joined in.

“Yes!” he exclaimed, a little too seriously for my liking.

Honestly, where does he think of these things?

Doctor Sullivan.


24 thoughts on “When choosing a baby name shouldn’t be left to your husband

  1. Just found this morning by confirmation ( though I already knew) that we are expecting again to. This will be #7 or who knows maybe #7 and #8, Congrats, I love the Doctor name lol. Michelle frugalredneck.blogspot.com

  2. =))
    i was expecting to see a different kind of name, like, Kirk [from gilmore girls]. but Doctor? :)):)) you husband has creativity:))

    stopping by from SITSas:)

  3. @frugalredneck – Congratulations!! Hope you have a healthy nine months!

    @Vodka Logic – I think I'll be deleting any comments which consider him funny. He doesn't need any more encouragement 😉

    @ Ioana – Yep, "creativity". That'a nice way of putting it lol!

  4. That's great! I love it…but probably because it wasn't my husband that came up with it. 😉

  5. My husband wanted to name one of our boys Courier. He was serious. He really liked the name. I put the kibosh on our child being named after a pigeon or message delivery personnel.

    Oh husbands, at least they keep us entertained!

  6. OMG! This is too funny! MEN! 😉

    (Thank you for the nice words about my daughter…she is such a blessing! I am adding you as a friend…I LOVE your blog!!!!)

  7. thank you so very much for stopping by my blog and helping make my SITS day special! blessings out to everyone in your large & lovable family!

  8. Too Funny!
    Men, sometimes I wonder how their brain works.
    Then I quickly remember I really don't want to know.
    My hubby had a few "interesting" ideas of his own too.
    Too bad they didn't pass! bummer :}

  9. That should be in a comedy show! 🙂

    My best friend really did let her husband pick the name the day their daughter was born. She had no clue…..she honored it. 🙂

  10. If he likes Doctor, how about General, Sir, President, or The Honorable. All would sound very impressive. Imagine picking up your child and the teacher says "General Smith, your mummy is here!"

  11. Ok, now he's under the impression that he *is* actually funny. If I have to listen to another cheesy joke…

  12. I love it : ) I think he is brilliant. I can not even begin to tell you some of the names of children I have worked with in the city…. SERIOUSLY crazy. Even crazier than Doctor : )

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