Monday Weigh-In: Week 37

Monday Weigh-In

What can I say except that the Monday Weigh-In will be taking a break until the autumn. That is if God is willing and the pregnancy continues to go well. What can I replace my Monday whitterings with? No more Monday Weigh-Ins. Or should there be? This is what I mean.

I joined up with WeightWatchers Online a week after Oliver was born last year. My starting weight was 13st 5lbs (eek!), and I managed to get down to 10st 5lbs.

I hope I won’t get up that high again. I was already more than a stone and a half lighter at the start of this pregnancy than I was the last time, so I’m hopeful my pregnancy end weight won’t be as much. But, I have to confess that I’m quite reckless when I’m pg.  This time, I hope to keep more mindful of the things I’m eating.

 Now, I think much of my success these last 37 weeks was down to keeping myself accountable on this blog. If I were to continue keeping track here I would be inclined to keep an eye on my pregnancy weight, and therefore hopefully not put as much on. But then again, I don’t know.  Should I just wait until October and then start afresh?

Then it still leaves the question “What to blog about on Mondays?”.  Should I do a general pregnancy round-up post each Monday instead?

Or do I combine a general pregnancy post with a pregnancy weigh-in so you can all make sure I don’t turn into a beached whale again?

Or just keep it free’n’easy and blog about, uh, whatever.

Decisions, decisions.

Help me to decide!

5 thoughts on “Monday Weigh-In: Week 37

  1. What ever you post about we'll be here.
    A pregnancy post is always fun, especially to those readers who are "done' having babies.

    Another congrats to you on the pregnancy!

  2. I vote pregnancy post your weight to,so then you can see for yourself if you are keeping it under control or not..

  3. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I miss a few days of catching up on my favorite blogs and I miss out on a lot!!!! Congrats to you!!!! I read down to your announcement post and freaked when I saw you started bleeding, but am happy to see things are well now- praise God!!!! NUMBER 9- woohoo!!!! I am already thinking about number 9 as well- how crazy is that?! Congrats again and welcome to the club (the pregnancy club that is!)!!

  4. I was thinking the same thing as Peta, that you could do a pregnancy post, still posting your weight, but just the gain part so that you can keep tabs on it.
    I may have to go that route myself the next time I am pregnant, because I know I let it get out of control the last half of my pregnancy.

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