I have two mini Twister ice lollies in the freezer.
They are yummm.
Mike doesn’t know they are there (ssssh!).
Do I:
a) Wait til this evening so Mike and I can each have one?
b) Not mention a thing and eat them both when he takes Cait and Harry to their catechism classes this evening and all the other small people are in bed?  

REMEMBER: They are MINI versions… not full size.  Therefore would it really matter if one person (i.e, me), ate two?

Answers on a postcard please. Or you can just comment in the box below. You might find that easier.
Cast your votes… now!

9 thoughts on “WWYD?

  1. The angel side of me says share, but what I would probably do is eat them both and tell no one. What they don't know won't hurt them, right? 🙂

  2. Ok, Linda and Sonora, I like your thinking.

    Gen… I'm not impressed. Eat them with hubby?!?! You're letting the side down!

  3. well….(1)…I thought you were on a diet…(2)…It IS very rewarding to share and…(3)…I rather like the look of them myself! CONCLUSION: Give them to me – You'll keep to your diet, feel all warm inside for sharing and I'll be happy because I've got two lollies to scoff. Just trying to help you out like only a good friend would! x

  4. Similar dilemma today for me. A small cupful of cookies and cream ice cream left in the freezer today. Do I save it for my hubby as he would do for me or do I eat it for breakfast….it was yummy!

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