"Of course it’s true!"

The other day I put new toilet cleaning blocks in the toilet cisterns. You know, the ones that turn the water blue.

As the upstairs toilet hadn’t been used yet the water was still clear when Eddie had gone to use it.

He called me for the obligatory bum wiping and as I did so I told him that “You know that really stinky poop turns water blue, don’t you?!”.

“No, it doesn’t!”


Oh, his wide-eyed, open mouthed face was a picture!

I’d love to hear the things you’ve told your kids. Leave your wise words in the comments or over at my community by clicking here or on the frog below!

6 thoughts on “"Of course it’s true!"

  1. Too funny! That's the way my 3 year old learned that blue and yellow make green! Love this! Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest.

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