How we REALLY homeschool

For so long you’ve been thinking that we homeschool around our kitchen table.

Now that we know eachother better I have decided to be honest.

Here is the truth.

Welcome to my classroom…
Hmm, Caitlin is looking a little too happy there.  We can’t have that.
That’s better.  Now, where was I?
Oh yes, welcome.
 Don’t I fit the part well? 
Ah, that’s what I like to see.  The writing’s on the wall.  Nice and big so they don’t forget it.
Yes, that’s right.  Speak when spoken to.  And only then.
Not a peep from you either young man.
You have to stick to the rules no matter how young…
… or old you are.
Otherwise, you’ll be sent here one by one…
Some of you won’t understand the seriousness of it all…
Some of you…
And if all else fails…
… there is always The Cane!

10 thoughts on “How we REALLY homeschool

  1. I still make my 6 yr old sit in the corner during our Wed. night class at church when she can't stop talking. It works! She hates not being able to see everyone and sit with everyone else. Of course, if I keep having to do it, maybe it doesn't work that well! Cute pictures!

  2. Too cute! Loved the pictures. It's amazing, you do school exactly how we do! Just joking, but we do take tons of field trips- looks like you were having a fun one!:) I'm starting a Friday Field Trip Meme on my blog if you are interested in joining beginning tomorrow. Found you through SITS and I'm so glad I stopped by! Blessings!:)

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