Still busy

Here is the latest project that I completed this week.  The disappearing nine patches are made with Moda’s “Candy Kisses” with a design from “Love is in th Air” doing a fantastic job of backing the piece.  I think it works well personally.
This quilt will be sent of to an unsuspecting recipient tomorrow so I can’t say any more about it.  I just hope they like it!
This leaves me one more quilt to make for the out-laws, I mean, for the in-laws for Christmas.  I really must get a move on with it in order to ensure it’s completed in time.  It’s a good job they don’t read this blog really, isn’t it, otherwise it wouldn’t be much of a surprise!

6 thoughts on “Still busy

  1. You have outlaws, *cough* in-laws too? Hmm, I thought it was just me! 😉 Your quilt it gorgeous! Those gift receivers are lucky, lucky. lucky! And I am impressed, someone who is actually getting their Christmas to-do list tackled… more than I can say! 🙂

  2. Thank you for your kind comments on the quilt. I was a little worried about the back not going very well but needn't have done after all. It's now on the way to the recipient as I type!

    And oh yes, the out-laws! 😉

  3. That quilt is beautiful!!!! I love it!!! 🙂 You did a wonderful job with it! 🙂 I would love to quilt one day!

  4. And the "unsuspecting recipient" just received it – it's gorgeous – thank you so much! I think that'll join one or two other special items as future family heirlooms!
    Love to all.

  5. You are very welcome Jax, I hope it's ok! What an honour that you would view it as an heirloom. I just hope S enjoys cuddling up under it!

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