Never a dull moment

Blogging wise I’ve been a little quieter than normal the last few weeks. Truth be told, so much has been happening here that it’s been hard to keep up. I wish I could say it’s all been fun but unfortunately it’s been busy in the not so good sense.

It’s over five weeks now since Ben left. This post isn’t going to go into any great detail about it.

But parenting is hard.

And sometimes you have to make hard decisions.

And the whole thing can be heartbreaking.

But parenting is hard.

As if there wasn’t enough turmoil going on there, we also had some problems with the dear second born.

Oldest daughter who gets in with the wrong crowd.


The whole reason from removing her from the school state system the first time around.

Only this time it’s more serious.

More dangerous.

So we’re left with no choice but to remove her again, even though her exams are due to be taken next summer.

She’s ok with it. The pressure is lifted and the attitude is calming down. She’s just worried about her exams.

Which would have been shot to pieces anyway if she’d stayed.

But that’s over with now.

There’s so much sorting and finding out and arranging to do! And as for the financial cost of buying all the textbooks she needs in order to complete her studies for her coursework and exams for next years GCSEs. We absolutely didn’t budget for anything like that. So things are very, very tight.

I’m currently dealing with her old school. We’ve got her coursework so far, and they’ve agreed that she can use the exam hall to sit her exams as a private candidate there. I just don’t have a clue about putting a child through GCSE’s. I don’t know what still needs to be done and I’m trying to get it all sorted out. Talk about being thrown in at the deep end! We’re determined to swim. We have to.

My birthday last month was a wash-out. I’d like a special birthday just once. This year wasn’t going to be it. Maybe next year.

Last week Paddy, our two year old, was running a temperature and had intermittent screaming fits throughout the day. At around 8pm on Sunday he started having convulsions. An ambulance ride and a short hospital stay later and thankfully he returned home and is fully recovered. Then we had Eddie with a pale face and high temperature for a couple of days, and now dealing with Oliver not feeling too great.

On the upside, I have one fully completed quilt top done, with a second underway, received the most wonderful gift from a lovely lady – I shall tell you more about that another day, and after a week long break we’re back homeschooling the rest and it’s still enjoyable… most of the time!

How have you been?!

7 thoughts on “Never a dull moment

  1. Hello Tania,

    It's been far too long since I've been blog hopping and I just came to see your updates and how life was treating you. I am so sorry to hear it's not been great, or easy, you know life has that funny way of handing out a set of cards you never intended to play. I so hope you are coping, and sleeping.

    I've been there, I survived, I know you will too. You are a strong, loving lady who will just smack life's plan in the face and make it work. Stay strong, smile every day and just hug those kids until they are sick of you. My love to you all xx

  2. I'm so sorry. Hang in there! Your daughter is fortunate to have parents that are on the lookout for her and willing to do whatever it takes for her.

    I live near my mom and dad so my mom makes my birthday special:)

  3. Oh Hun – no idea what's what with Ben, and scary even thinking about Steph (am I right on names?!), but you're doing your best, and that is all you can do.
    Be strong – as usual.
    Thinking of you.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about how things have been for you. I hope everyone is feeling better soon and you can get some peace in the household.
    Congrats on getting the top of a quilt done! Hopefully working on that has brought a little calm to your days.

    Visiting from SITS. Happy Tuesday.

  5. You sound like a very busy lady. It's hard when children have peer problems. Hope all works out well. And I hope next birthday is very special.

  6. Tania. So glad to meet you. I am in the group too studying Stepping Heavenward. I have never done anything like this either but really looking forward to it.

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