Getting creative for Christmas

I’ve been a little quieter than normal blogging-wise lately. One reason being that I’m getting ready for Christmas. Yes, you heard me. I haven’t been Christmas shopping though, well sort of.

I bought fabric and made this…

This quilt will be my mum’s Christmas present this year. I wasn’t sure how long it would take me to make, hence starting it in plenty of time. You never know what’ll happen to distract you from the task in hand, after all! Fortunately it didn’t take very long at all. If you know my mother, please don’t mention it.

Yes, Aunty M. I’m talking to you. Amongst others.

If you’re interested the tutorial can be found at Moda Bake Shop where there are so many creative ideas that I wish I had time to do them all! The kit containing much of what you need to make it can be found at The Quilt Shoppe, one of my newest favourite haunts. Even though it’s across the Atlantic I still find it very cost effective (read as “much cheaper”) to have the fabrics shipped over than to buy it here in the UK. Also the service is fantastic. And no, I don’t have a personal interest or know anyone to do with the shop – I just think a place we’re happy with should be mentioned.

I’m now waiting on some more fabric to arrive for a couple more projects. I’ve no set pattern to work with for these but have a few ideas in mind.

So that’s the first handmade gift this year. Hopefully I’ll have some more things to show you in due course. Do you have any ideas for me to try?

10 thoughts on “Getting creative for Christmas

  1. I love homemade Christmas! One year my mother made us all do homemade for any gift we were giving that year. It was a lot of fun and so much more meaningful.

  2. It's lovely Tania – and I'm going to pass that website on to a friend over here who quilts!
    I love doing home-made too – MUST get back into it, as it's really special! When we were clearing MIL's flat, I found a lavender bag I'd made for her about 15 years ago – must be the only present we ever gave her that she appreciated and kept/used!!

  3. That is a beautiful quilt Tania. Not sure what to suggest for you but this is what I am aiming for this year: writing stories about our life for K's nieces. Some dress up clothes (fairy dress I think) for Brighid. Thinking about an apron for Mum. The big project is possibly learning to make a collared short for K.

  4. Great job! I don't have the time to spend on homemade gifts. There are too many people in my family, for such a thing.

    We've begun Christmas "shopping"; but we're doing it all second hand this year and trying to get things used, or free through Craigslist and Freecycle. So far we've gotten a keyboard for my DD2 who's been wanting a piano for a while (free) and a LPS collection for DD1, as she is a collector ($15 for 2 huge houses, several pets and lots of accessories.) We're waiting on a Diego set for DS5 for $8.

  5. Beautiful quilt. Now if someone could motivate my to get my frist born soon-to-be 5 year old on Thursday's baby quilt done that would be awesome!

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