Monday Weigh-In: Week 15

This week has been a bit of, well, not really a struggle, but not really an anything week. I know that doesn’t make sense at all.

I guess I’m still feeling disheartened with the slow pace of loss lately. I should view a regular 1lb loss a week with great positivity but I really wished I could have lost at least another half a stone by this stage.

With the Big Baptism looming near, Stephanie and I went shopping to find an outfit to wear. I’m not a shopper. I don’t like going shopping. I don’t understand how people can shop for hours and think it’s fun. It’s really not my idea of a good time. I’d have more fun pulling each strand of hair on my head out with tweezers.

I started out with a low self esteem and feeling horrid about myself before I even got to the stores. I was swiftly reminded that nothing makes you feel more self conscious than having to try on clothes in a store fitting room.

Whatever I tried on made me look frumpy. I felt awful. Absolutely dreadful. I felt ashamed, embarrassed and ugly. Looking in the mirror I saw someone looking back who should have been a good twenty years older than me. I left the store disheartened and deeply sad, and text Mike.

“I’m hugely fat.”.

I found an outfit in the end. I’m still not sure whether I’ll wear the skirt I bought, or if I’ll plump for the new top with a pair of trousers. My mum says I can’t wear my black trousers for such an occasion. I’d feel more comfortable if I did. I’d feel more on show wearing the skirt for two reasons. The first being that I don’t wear skirts at all any more. The second being that it would draw attention to my hugeness. And how awful I look and feel. Oh, and another reason being that I have horrible legs. So that makes three reasons actually.

I didn’t track my foods this week but still made sure I stuck well within my Points allowance. I’ve been on this long enough to be able to work out how many Points certain foods or meals are now that I eat regularly so it was simple to keep a record in my head of how many Points I’d consumed each day.

I haven’t yet started back on the Wii, purely because I haven’t made the time for it. It’s a little harder now because schooling is back on and so there are fewer hours in the day compared to the holidays.

Finally, I’ll report with my loss for the week which is another pound.

Yes, I should be happy that it’s in the right direction.

I should be.

I’ll work on being more positive and get rid of the self pity.


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15 thoughts on “Monday Weigh-In: Week 15

  1. It is hard to lose weight, stick with it, you can do it!

    You commented right above me at sits today so I'm stopping by to say hi!

  2. I was always told that if you lost the weight steadily then it would stay off, so a lb a week is nice and steady although I totally agree that 2 lbs would be nicer. But hey at least it is slowly coming off and you are several steps closer to your goal.

  3. Don't let yourself get discouraged! You can do it! Are you eating foods rich in fiber? Are you drinking lots of water? I know what you mean about less time now. I'm having a terrible time getting exercise now that school's back on. Keep up the good work!

  4. ahh I'm on the hard process of losing some weight too! It's difficult! stay strong and keep believing in yourself!

    bisous. deva.

  5. Hi dear friend! At least you are losing weight!!!! I think I am gaining! My weight is awful just now and I am like you when it comes to shopping for clothes. I hate it! You wear the black trousers if you like! It is up to you and people won't be judging whether you are dressed for the occasion or not. They should just be delighted at the wonderful event of your childrens Baptisms.
    Love Collette xxx

  6. Tania, your honesty is so refreshing and from someone who's struggled with her weight all her life, it's so familiar to me.

    I've always seen myself bigger than I really was, and then my positive attitude made me believe I was smaller than I really was as I got older. Well, it wasn't really a positive attitude, as a way of coping with my ever growing shape and me refusing to face it. So everytime I go shopping and I see myself in those awful mirrors, or I get a picture taken of myself and I dare to look, I nearly burst into tears. I always say ''I didn't realise I was so big'' I hate it. I feel you. It's better to face what your true emotions are than to deny them and make yourself not face the thing you want to defeat. Your weight.
    But you ARE beautiful. You are a proud mother of 8 gorgeous babes, with a loving husband who's stuck by thick and thin. The weight IS coming off, better one pound a week lost than a pound a week gained. Stay positive. Keep motivated. If you keep trying you WILL get there….if it takes many more months so be it. The time will pass anyway, best stay on track and ride along to where you want to be. Falling off now only means you'll get months down the line with a goal still ahead.

  7. Good luck on your quest. I know how hard it is!
    Just got started again (for the gazilliont time) two weeks ago. It's very slow this time.

    But at least we are working at it!

    You go girl!

  8. One pound is better than no pounds! And if you feel better about how you look in your black trousers, than wear them! We all look better when we can wear clothes with confidence, regardless of size. Next time you go shopping, make sure you leave your house wearing something you feel good in, so that you feel better as you try things on. Keep up the positive changes!

  9. I've been there, it's tough. I finally found a program that worked for me. I lost 30 pounds a year and a half ago. I love this eating program and it was easy for me. Good Luck.

  10. You can do it! You will have off weeks. Just keep trudging along. I don't even know if trudging is a word but surely you know what I mean. LOL

  11. It could have been my own post I was reading!

    I gave up on WW a couple of months ago as the weight was coming off too slowly. I find now it is excercise that is making the difference rather than what I was eating.

    Good luck on you quest!

  12. Hi! Just discovered your blog. I love to read about other large families!

    I am also struggling to lose mounds of extra weight! It is so hard and so discouraging to be fat. 🙁 I could relate to everything you said. If you want to follow my weight loss journey, I post on Wednesdays @ But, I must warn you that I am not doing very well. 🙁

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