… is what I found in Paddy’s nappy when I went to change him last week…

A telephone handset.

It’s a good job nobody called.

Goodness knows what they’d have heard if they did.

13 thoughts on “This…

  1. It always amazes me when I hear about toddlers putting things in their nappy because mine never did that. They would hide things everywhere else, just not in their nappy (except random bits of pine bark from the playground softfall!)

  2. Oh my goodness- that is so stinkin' funny! I must admit, I was a little afraid to scroll down and check out what was in there, but it was worth it!!!

  3. How did it get it there? reminded me of Jurassic Park 3 where the guy had to reach into a hugh pile of dinosaur poo as the hand phone was ringing from in there. You really have a mobile phone there.

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