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A few months ago I asked your opinion on the number of children which would turn an average sized family into a large one.

As I explained in the post, we don’t actually feel as if we have a large family. It simply doesn’t feel all that big to us. How many children do I think makes a large family? I don’t really know. When you have four children, it doesn’t make much of a difference going to five. Then from five to six. And so on. At least that’s how it’s felt to us.

We weren’t suddenly thrown into a situation where we woke one morning and had eight children to look after. They came into our lives gradually, one by one, and little by little our lives changed. We went through, and are still learning through trial and error. We listen to others that have been there, done that and get ideas that most of the time are so simple yet we haven’t thought of. We adapted. Our lives grew richer around our increasing family but that’s not to say that many things on the journey didn’t change because they did.

Organisation helps. Laundry, yes, there’s always some of that. And I’m still waiting for the second machine. Patience is a virtue… one I wish I had. Which is funny as it’s assumed I have truckloads of the stuff in order to have a houseful.

I don’t.

I know we’re often asked the same questions but at the moment I can’t think of them! What do people at checkouts ask? For the most part I think they’re just curious, I’m sure. I don’t think we’ve often had genuinely rude comments or reactions.

So what would you ask? And if you have, or grew up in a larger than average family (or are treated as though you do even though you may feel that you don’t), what are you asked and what are your answers, if any? You can comment here, or you can send an email to

And before you ask it, here’s the answer to the main question…

Yes, we do know what causes it.

17 thoughts on “Large Family Questions

  1. I'm the baby of seven and when I was little people would always ask if we were Catholic.
    The answer: Yep. (It's true.)

    And, you're right. I never felt like I was in a huge family and no, it doesn't take tons of stuff for our household to run smoothly.

  2. LOL! knowing was causes it indeed! We've been asked that several times!

    I think the family size depends on the family….I used to say I'd never have more than 2 but now we have four and I wouldn't trade them for anything…I think once you have three, one more isn't that big of a deal. No we didn't plan on 4 but that's the plan God had for us and I am glad he did. I think that the 'average family' has 2 children and that's what people around here think is 'normal', so we get stares and questions and comments all the time….even from family…lol. I always hear "wow, you sure do have your hands full", yes, in some respects I do, but my older children have learned responsibility in that they are huge helps to us.

  3. I think it's relative to the part of the country you live in and the times…right now even having three kids seems to label a couple as having a 'large family.' In my opinion four makes it 'large.' Eight? HUUUUUUUUGE. I'm exhausted thinking about what that must be like!

  4. It seems "large family" is a term one would apply to anyone with more kids than she grew up with herself.

    I had one brother. Husband had one brother. We have two kids and are contemplating, maybe, possibly, a third. If we ever do announce a third pregnancy, I'm sure our families will ask how we will handle such a "large family."

  5. I think that eight children is definitely a large family! And, as long as a large family is what one wants (and what God wants for you) I say go for it! I'd love to have more children, but my husband disagrees…and since I'm to be submissive, two's all I'm getting (unless God intervenes)!

    Stopping by from SITS!

  6. I have 6 under 7 years. People think my husband and I are nuts. I ask well which child would you have not had or given up for adoption? Each of my children bring something to the family unit.

  7. I'm a child of three siblings and I have three children. I could have easily had another and the chances are, it would have been twins. My husband is older than me by 13 years and it just wasn't on his agenda. I reluctantly agreed and am only now glad I did. I would have been happy with more children though because I agree with you; they come into your life gradually and you adapt and adjust. I'd not ask any questions but probably ask you if you would like a sitter from time to time. I'd want to help you get some 'me' time now and then and arrange for you to have a massage, a glass of wine and a chat with your pals. x

  8. Well as a momma of 8 I think our family size is just right..
    I love it and so do my children.
    My nice an only child alays tells my children they are so lucky to have so many brothers and sister.

  9. Well, the question to your closing answer is one that is heard very often. We smile and say yes.

    Most often I get "How do you do it?" and I tell people that I do it the same way they do, one day at a time, one kid at a time, and so on. I tell them I am blessed and that is how I do it.

    We have five kids, and I consider that to be on the large side, although we are surrounded by many families with at least five, if not more.

  10. i'm just waiting until god is ready for me to have my first….
    right now, he must not think it is right for me….
    cause …. it isn't working :/

    one day! 🙂

  11. What a great blog! I'm new here so I am curious about what probably everyone asks you: are they all yours? and, do you plan to have any more?
    We have four and people say our family is large!

  12. id love a big family but its impossible to have here also i am terrified to even think of number 2 let alone more….

  13. You know what causes it? Salmon, right? I knew I should be avoiding the salmon, but I just can't help myself! :^)

    The #1 most commonly asked question is, "Are they all yours?" Since they are all red-headed and look just like me, I often will say, "No" just to be difficult.

    I don't really consider our clan all that large either. Most of the families we hang with in the States are larger, but around here we stand out…obviously! lol

  14. Good question. I think for me growing up as an only child, it doesn't take much for a family to seem big. My two seem like more than I can handle most of the time…but I love it. A friend at work is preggers with number 7 and I'm amazed every time I see her!

  15. We have a 5 year old, a 18 month old and a 3 1/2 month old and my family has officially nicknamed us "the breeders". I honestly don't think that a family of 5 is large, it's just perfect for us! Still, I CAN say that we definitely feel that we are done. God knows my limits, and better than I do, but I'm pretty sure we've reached that magic number where I love where I'm at but any more might make me lose my marbles.

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