The tale of the Mother of the Year and the Teenage Daughter

“May I have some of this Hot Chocolate, please?” asks Stephanie, pointing to the luxury Hot Chocolate (bought only because it was on a really good special offer).

“No.” Mother of the Year (that’s me) says. “That’s for special occasions.” (Yes, special occasions. Like when you younger people have gone to bed and I can have a cup of luxury hot chocolate in peace).

“OhhhhOohhhOhh!” says Stephanie, in whiney voice. (How would you write that to indicate a whiney voice anyhow?).

Mother of the Year almost feels bad.


But not quite. (Have you gathered that I have given myself the MOTY title with my tongue firmly in my cheek?).

“You can have the cheap hot chocolate.” I offer graciously. (Ah, now you get it!)

“The cheap one?!” Stephanie is horrified at the thought of cheap hot chocolate. (The hot chocolate which is fine for consumption on any other given day yet is suddenly akin to drinking bleach when there’s a luxury version in front of her).

Stephanie continues making her cheap hot chocolate. Then with a narrowing of her eyes and a pout she walks past me and mutters…

“And YOU get the cheap nursing home!”.

12 thoughts on “The tale of the Mother of the Year and the Teenage Daughter

  1. HAHA!!
    Ooooh I know this woe all too well! My daughter is just the same, wants my luxury/lovely/insert anything I've bought for myself here.
    Cheap nursing home…priceless. Lets hope she doesn't make good on that! x

  2. I was sitting here sipping on my coffee as I was reading this and then I got to the end and about spit all over my monitor! THAT was funny! — well at least it is now until she throws you in that "cheap" nursing home! lol

  3. Oh my LOL. I guess now she understands why she only gets the cheap hot chocolate. I am not excited for teenagers, lol

  4. HAHAHHAHA. That was a great finishing line. So that is what we have to look forward too huh? When did kids get to be such smart a****. Mine's already started that attitude and he's only 9. I can't wait to read more.

    Stoppig by from SITS, saw you on roll call.

    Feel free to visit my site!!

  5. Oh OH, I'll be more careful. Cheap nursing homes sound tough especially when our bones are creeky and stiff. I'm not leaving my future to my teenager, I am going to save for my comfortable nursing home – one with a TV at least!

  6. Stopping by from SITS…Oh my goodness this was such a cute and funny post. I needed that! Thank you for sharing!


    Just a lurker here, but could not help cracking up at that tidbit. So hilarious. Still giggling.

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