Friday Flashbacks* (*insert timetravel type sounds) – A computer or an aging member of a band?

Long before the days of Macintosh vs PC there was a quest for the position of King of Computers.

This was the winner (in our house anyway):

Yep, the old Commodore 64!

I must have been about eight years old when I was introduced to the world of computers. Our first computer, the C64, very likely cost the equivalent of far more money than I paid for this one I’m using now.

It was the best thing since sliced bread and I’ll tell you why.

The games were on tape and took approximately 15 minutes to load.

Graphics were terrible compared to the virtual reality games you get now. Cars, for example, would be made by creating a rectangle with four circles closely placed near each corner.

You could spend eight hours in a day typing up a program that came with the manual. You’d think after that long you’d have something substantial out of it wouldn’t you? Actually, what you’d get is an orange ball bouncing across your screen.

You couldn’t connect to the internet. Goodness me, we didn’t even know what the internet was then!

And we thought it was fantastic!

The Commodore’s competition? Yes, you remember!

The Sinclair Spectrum. Bleurgh!

So what made the Commodore better?

The Commodore had a proper clicky keyboard with proper clicky keys while the Spectrum had these naff little cushioney pads that would get stuck into the keyboard if you pressed too hard.

The Commodore was bigger and more robust compared to the Spectrum’s teeny weeny frame. How on earth was that expected to last?

The Commodore had better games.

The Commodore kicked Spectum’s electrical behind.

And kept kicking.

But still, for some reason unbeknown to me the Spectrum did have some fans.

So Commodore or Sinclair Spectrum? Which camp were you in?

2 thoughts on “Friday Flashbacks* (*insert timetravel type sounds) – A computer or an aging member of a band?

  1. Ah well, I have to confess for having a soft spot for the old Sinclair Spectrum – you see, I can remember when it was BRAND NEW, and our little private school got us one each for the eldest classes – that was SIX of them! And we played table tennis (or something like it!), and I learned, at the age of just 11, that I have a total mental block about computer programming, so I never progressed beyond the very first step!
    I never saw a Commodore until it was already retro, but I bet we've still got something like that up in our loft! We have some real relics up there!!

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