The end is nigh. Or is it?

After a couple of weeks of twinges I was getting stronger tightenings from about 7pm yesterday evening. A bowl of fresh pineapple later and a little clock watching and yes, the twinges were definitely becoming stronger. By a little after 10pm I told Mike that I’d be off to bed, and that the pains would wake me if they were a sign of labour.

I just couldn’t settle which is very unlike me. After a while of restlessness and I nodded off for a while. I’d wake regularly, being very aware of the tightenings around my belly. By half past midnight I had to get up. The pains were reaching down my thighs and I needed to move around.

I went downstairs a while, then decided that actually the pains weren’t too bad after all and I’d try to get back to sleep. Less than half an hour later I was back downstairs hanging washing. I then tried lying down on the sofa with a blanket to get a little rest at least. But again the tightenings every fifteen minutes or so were making themselves known. Again I tried going back to bed, only to finally come down wide awake at around 3.30am. The tightenings had been coming regularly every fifteen minutes and while not terribly painful they were certainly uncomfortable and making their presence known. At 5am I woke Mike, who was blissfully unaware of my absence from our bed for much of the night, and told him that I didn’t think it was a good idea for him to go into work today.

Although I’d been getting the tightenings for a good few hours they hadn’t yet become strong enough or close enough together to warrant even a phone call to the hospital. I went to bed to try to get a little sleep in, again waking with each tightening. I managed to rest for an hour or so, before coming back downstairs. By this time I was shivering and shaking, having to pause to catch my breath. This is the time that I uttered the words “I think something’s definitely happening here!”. Within the next hour everything stopped!

I was shattered! Why has it all just stopped?! When will it start again?! Has it even done anything at all? It’s now almost 4.30pm and I’ve been getting small twinges again throughout the day, though nothing like the tightenings I’d been getting through the night. The thing is they are tiring to endure daily. I wish they would either get going or stop. One way or another please! I really don’t want to be warn out with false labours that by the time real labour comes I’m too tired to deal with it properly. Hopefully it won’t take much longer.


3 thoughts on “The end is nigh. Or is it?

  1. Well, we’re now 48 hours later and you’ve not updated us – will hope therefore that this is IT (or WAS it!!)
    Can’t wait to hear some news!!
    Love to all,

  2. Hi, I found your blog on The Mom Blogs. I love big families!! I always wanted to be in one — But my mom started old and could only have us two girls. It was alright, though. My hubby is from a large family of 8, he is #2. Lots of fun there! Glad I found your blog, I LOVE your design. I can’t wait to read some more.

    I hope you had your baby by now! I hate those last few weeks!! Good luck!

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