Small boy, big heart

The last few weeks the game to play after lunch is re-enacting the morning’s Mass. Or at least it is according to Harry and Eddie who take it in turns to be Priest, and make up the water and wine (with water and a drop of mum or dad’s cola), and tearing pieces of bread, and carrying out the communion on the rest of the family. Isn’t that what every kid plays?!

This week, not only did we have communion and the bible readings, but we also had two collection bowls passed around which Harry said over and over were for the poor. We thought it was part of the game and some of us put in pennies, while others found it harder to part with their money in case it ended up in Harry and Eddie’s money boxes or rolling under a sofa or something.

Soon after the game was over and Harry got down to counting his money. All nine pence of it. And then he came into the living room thrilled with the money he’d collected and announced that during the week he’d be sending it to a charity. To Compassion. For the poor people who had less than us because we were lucky to have what we did. And he showed us a letter he’d been working on to send them with the money he’d collected.

This then sent waves through the family. Brothers and sisters decided that perhaps they did have a few pennies extra they could give and Harry was beckoned here and there to receive 1p’s, 2p’s, even a couple of 5p’s. So far his total is 39 pence.

To look at his face, and to hear him talk about how much it will help the poor children you’d think he was handing over thousands. The amount may not seem much but his gesture and his heart is worth millions over. What an example he is and he doesn’t even realise it.

5 thoughts on “Small boy, big heart

  1. Your family is incredible Tania. Do you have a PayPal account – I’d like to add a little something to the “collection” but I don’t have any loose change to send over from France!!

  2. Certainly not incredible, though incredibly noisy at times!

    That’s a lovely offer and I’m sure Harry would be very grateful for any more small change to send. Our Paypal email address is


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