I’m back… again!

It’s been a miserable Easter break in this house. Illness has gone through the house, starting off with Stephanie and still making it’s way through the younger children. I’m pleased to say that I’m feeling much, much better after having come down with both a chest and water infection, as well as very low iron levels which I always have to deal with during pregnancy. It’s one of those things!

The last few pregnancies have resulted in me suffering with Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. This is a condition caused by the hormones in the body during pregnancy causing over softening of the ligaments holding the pelvis in place, therefore allowing them to move around and this in turn causes quite a bit of pain and discomfort, particularly toward the final few weeks of pregnancy. General moving about or walking can be quite painful, as can even sitting or lying down. I have been very lucky during this pregnancy to have held off experiencing the problems for so long. In fact, if it hadn’t been for the worry over the baby’s health, it would have by far been my best pregnancy so far.

The last few pregnancies have been induced a short while before the due date due to the SPD. As Paddy’s labour resulted in an emergency caesarean section, I didn’t expect another induction this time to be an option, as induced labour is often more intense than naturally occuring labour. The consultant earlier on during the pregnancy said that we’d be able to discuss this later on in the pregnancy, and can make a decision then.

Next week we have another scan to check on the baby. Since posting about the last scan where we were given the all clear, we had another scan. This was with yet another sonographer who this time wasn’t as sure that the shadow didn’t indicate a blockage in the bowel. She said that if it was a blockage the baby would be scanned at the time of birth and operated on immediately, but wouldn’t go into any more detail, saying that it would be discussed further on our next, and last scan before the baby’s due date. This scan is due to be held on Wednesday, and as normal my nerves are becoming more fraught once again. The closer it’s coming to the end of this pregnancy the more frightened I seem to be becoming. Part of me thinks that as long as the baby is being carried safely inside me it’ll be alright, but another part longs to be holding it safely in my arms and knowing that, even after all the worry and waiting of the last few months, everything is ok. There isn’t any way of knowing until it’s born though. Rather than the excited anticipation I’m just worried. And scared.

I would have dearly loved to have had some consistency in the staff I’ve seen, or the people I’ve spoken with. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like this here. You get who you get and that’s it. Apart from my midwife who carries out the general checks every few weeks at the doctor’s surgery, and will check on the baby on our return from hospital, there is no other consistency at all with regards to your obstetric staff. This one midwife won’t be the one delivering the baby. Again, you get whoever is on the staff rota at the hospital, and you are extremely unlikely to have ever met them before.

So on the calendar for the next two weeks is an appointment for the scan on Wednesday, and an appointment with my consultant on the 28th, where I may come home with a date for induction. It’s strange to think that I’m so close to the end of this pregnancy already. Perhaps I ought to think about getting things ready?!

Here is a picture from baby’s last scan at 31 weeks exactly.

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