Picky? Me? I really don’t think so.

When we were looking into homeschooling the children I was trying to find a replacement flute teacher as Caitlin would no longer be taking lessons at school. I sent out several emails to various music tutors who had advertised, requesting further information. As well as a fair and not extortionate price per lesson, I also wanted to know if they taught their students to exam level and whether they arranged the exams themselves.

Sadly, very few responded. We were elated when the lady who agreed to teach Caitlin also turned out to be Stephanie’s piano teacher at her school. This actually didn’t turn out as planned as despite calling her to confirm details as she requested, and despite her still agreeing that all was ok to begin Cait’s flute lessons, she never did follow through. In fact, she didn’t even call to say that she wouldn’t/couldn’t/had changed her mind. After three weeks of us wondering whether she’d show or not Stephanie asked her during one of her piano lessons whether she was still ok to teach Caitlin. This was when we found out that actually she now had another student to teach during that time instead. Considering we are completely flexible with days and times I’m more inclined to believe that she simply changed her mind. I don’t mind that. I just wish she’d have told us. Simple good manners is all I ask for and don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect them. So now I’m back to square one of trying to find a reasonably priced flute teacher in the area.


… like I said, we had very few replies to our emails. One lady did respond. She was local and charged a reasonable price per lesson. All good so far. Until I reached the part of her email regarding exams. She stated that she could arrange the exams but we would have to find our own pianoist.

Did you get that?



And I immediately called Mike over to the computer, showed him the email and asked him if he knew why she wasn’t “the one”. He called me picky. Actually, his exact words were “You’re a snob!”.

“PIANO-IST?! What on earth is a PIANO-IST?!”

“Well, as long as she can teach flute.”

“No! If a teacher of an instrument doesn’t know that it is PIANIST, it doesn’t give me much confidence in her ability.”

He then told me that I am a snob several more times.

I then went on to explain that he is a joiner. He makes things from wood. If I was a potential customer and he referred to his saw as a “sword” he too would be waved off quickly. It’s nothing to do with snobbery or being picky. I wouldn’t be confident hiring anyone for any job if they didn’t know the correct terms for things related.

I think I’m right and would rather keep looking for someone else (flute teacher, not husband). He keeps teasing me and thinks I should have at least called her.

What do you think?

6 thoughts on “Picky? Me? I really don’t think so.

  1. Well, it’s definitely not the correct word, but maybe it was just a simple typo. You could call and talk to her and, in talking with her, see if she says the word “pianoist” or “pianist”. That would probably indicate whether it was a typo or not.

  2. She had the courtesy to reply. The others did not. Given that you can’t get through your licentiate exams without a lot of accompanied performances, I think you can assume that she does know exactly the role of a pianist. She either made a typo or she is a poor speller. I don’t think either makes her a poor flute teacher. Ring her!!

    Personally, I would rate courtesy above good spelling.

  3. I’d say ditto to the others – might have been a typo – while the pronunciation is way different, the spelling isn’t! And she did reply to you – give her a call and see how she sounds before writing her off?
    At least she didn’t call herself a flutist!!

  4. Normally typos drive me absolutely insane. But I agree with Melanie. I could see if you were typing fast you, your fingers could get ahead of your brain and could automatically type piano while you’re thinking pianist..oh heck, I don’t know. I like Melanie’s idea though! Call her and see what she says!
    Good luck though.

  5. It’s possible that it was just a typo. I consider myself an articulate, educated person, but sometimes I’ll read through a post on my blog and find that I made a simple error that makes me feel like an idiot!

    And I agree with Sandra — call her! =)

  6. Yep. It’s definitely pronounced “pianoist” apparently.

    I think that’s a no from me then. And I don’t even care if I’m being picky!


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