Spring forward

The clocks went forward a couple of nights ago. While I like the signs of spring, and that summer is around the corner, I absolutely don’t like the clocks changing. I hate having my body clock thrown off, and I really don’t like that the kids body clocks also have to be reset.

I normally wake up at 5am. I find it gives me a chance to do several things in peace before everyone starts getting up, including having a couple of hot drinks to get myself ready for the day. For the first few days after the clocks go forward the conversation in my head goes like this:

“Wake up. Time to wake up. It’s almost five.”

“Ugh, but it’s really only four.”

“Well, it’s not four o’clock any more. It’s five o’clock.”

“But it’s actually four o’clock!”…

And so the conversation goes.

Now apart from letting you in on the voices in my head, does anyone else resent the clocks changing as much as I do or is it just a personal dislike that only I alone make a job of disliking with a passion?

2 thoughts on “Spring forward

  1. I dislike clock changes too. It confuses people for days, especially small children and animals and anyone on time-sensitive medicines. All summer I have to convert back or look at my specially non-changed clocks for things for my job (weather based) and for amateur radio stuff. The non-changed clocks also confuse others – perhaps I should label them 🙂

  2. That’s really funny! We always deal with that around our house. I’m on the east coast and actually, our time changed a few weeks ago. Getting used to it now!

    Hello there! I’m visiting rather late, but couldn’t get around to see folks last week when the UBP was going on. I decided to visit folks here and there while I have a little time today.

    Enjoyed my visit here and I’m writing down a few folks to come back to when I have more time. Yours is one of them.

    I particularly took note of your compassion for children in need. That’s close to my heart also. Come visit us when you can and look around our blog and site. We love having large families visit!

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