Credit where it’s not due

Or it could also be titled “Parenting Lots of Boys”.

Sorting through the laundry I was impressed with the amount of small boy sized underpants I was coming across. Finally, I thought, they were taking notice of lectures on hygiene and changing their pants every day.

Until Stephanie snapped this:

The younger boys had created their own Captain Underpants
costumes comprising of underpants worn outside their trousers and/or on their heads, and a muslin forming a cape.

Three boys aged six and under are now running around shouting the catchphrases “Tra-la-laaa!” and “We fight for truth, justice and all that is pre-shrunk and cottony!”, and a fourth boy, aged one, is trying desperately to keep up with the fun. I’m sure the oldest boy would have joined in too if he were here.

I realise now that I have to accept several things.

1. That it was better to have a moment of false pride in their increased “personal hygiene without nagging” efforts than none at all, even if it was just in my imagination.

2. That the personal hygiene talks are going to continue for some time yet.

and three, that the above antics absolutely, positively…

…must be a boy thing!

2 thoughts on “Credit where it’s not due

  1. HI thanks for visiting my blog! Your boys are too funny! Good luck with the personal hygiene… ;)Its nice to see a larger family, sometimes i feel looked down upon. I’ll be comming back to visit soon!

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