The baby blanket is complete… now what?!

Last week saw the final stages of putting together the blanket I’ve been knitting for the new baby over the past couple of months. Finishing off the edging, I remarked to Mike how, while happy as always to see the end product, I’d be sad to go back to having no project to relax with of an evening.

Then yesterday I came across this. Perfect, I thought, for finishing up all the odds and ends of wool except, when it came to it, I don’t actually have that many. I don’t want to go and buy new balls of wool for the sake of this project as it seems to defeat the purpose, and if I were to spend the money which I can’t excuse doing at this moment in time, I may as well do so to carry out a “proper” project. So it seems I’ll be keeping my eye out for odd, mixed balls in the second hand stores, and seeing what my £4 Paypal payment from a survey last week will buy me.

And then it remains to be seen whether my creation will look as good as the one in the pattern or whether it’ll just look like a bunch of, well, squares.

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